You Write Your Story - Nobody Else.

Have you ever noticed yourself getting influenced by others? It's likely you have the empathy superpower =) and sensitivity! Let's talk about how to manage the firehose of people, events, and ideas being thrown at you 24/7 so that you can stay true to YOUR message.
Like Bo Burnham says the world is "a little bit of everything all of the time." So if you are creative, sensitive, and empathetic, how do you manage all the various influences? How can you stay connected, yet share your own unique untainted message with the world?

Kat Fulton is a multi-passionate speaker who has been quoted in major media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, HuffPo. She’s facilitated drum circles with the US Surgeon General, Americans for the Arts, NAMM, Museum of Making Music, Qualcomm, Intuit, and more. She is highly sought-out as a retreat facilitator and leader in the healing arts. Kat ran a private practice for 12 years in San Diego, she founded the premier resource for creative arts continuing education, and she mentors creative business owners in scaling their businesses ten times to break free from the starving artist mindset!

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