I believe that wellness is the key to success.

And when you are successful and happy, you can’t help but make MUSIC!

Take my hand, and I’ll show you all things business and wellness. I’m proud to offer you this resource for being well, feeling good, and making MUSIC! =) Kat

Essential Oils For Grief

Essential Oils For Grief

???? Here’s how I used imagery, affirmations, essential oils, music and pets to be well, and tend to my mental health the week after my mom died. Preface-this was not smooth or perfect: ???? I doused myself in Valor to burst open my confidence in playing the organ for...

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Let’s Do Vocal Health Together!

Let’s Do Vocal Health Together!

Vocal health is so important - especially for us therapists, educators, and facilitators. Can you imagine walking in front of a group without a voice? Have you ever tried it? I have! It's not easy. Ten years ago, I learned such a hard lesson about my voice that I even...

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The Legend Of Thieves

The Legend Of Thieves

This morning on Instagram, I shared the Legend of Thieves in my story. Why do I drum? Because I love connecting with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. And I've witnessed the power! There was the time Betty, the dancer, came back from recovering from a stroke. She wasn't...

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Kat, you are like the bjork of music therapy. 10 years ahead of everyone else all the time.
Ariel Weissberger, MA, MT-BC

Founder, Berko Music Therapy

Kat’s energy, commitment and enthusiasm… is inspiring. [She] helped me to take the plunge and start my own business, publish my website and my book. That’s pretty measurable to me!
Debi Kret, MM, MT-BC

Founder, Mindful Music Therapy

Kat is a shining light of creativity, and brings her amazing talents and enthusiasm into every project she undertakes. If you are seeking personal or professional development, stronger teamwork, better rhythm, or the development of new ideas, Kat Fulton will enable you to accomplish your goals.
Cameron Tummel

Award Winning Musician

She has so much knowledge, enthusiasm, and therapeutic and public speaking experience that other music therapists, teachers, and colleagues can gain from observing or collaborating with Kat. When I participated in a drum circle led by Kat and another drum circle facilitator, I felt relaxed, uplifted, and had enormous energy because of the energy and enthusiasm Kat provided for the group.
Cami Smith, MT-BC

Music Therapist & Essential Oils Enthusiast

Kat has a passion for music that is unmatched. Her dedication to her clients is first class and she has a gift for bringing people together in a beautiful and gentle manner.
Reza Garajedaghi

Director of Admissions, California Flight Academy

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