Grief, Keynotes + 6 Experiences To Cherish While Getting Over A Cold

I had a WONDERFUL time with the Great Lakes Music Therapists in Minneapolis! What an awesome region, full of good energy, full of bright shiny happy DEDICATED people. I loved every second. Here’s a sneak peek at the grand finale of my keynote:

Sad news~
The day before I arrived in Minneapolis, I found out my grandfather died. I admired my grandfather very much. I even filmed a 90-minute video on his war and Great Depression stories. Plus, when I visited him in Ohio, he played “mouth organ” and I played 6-string. We got along well, and became well-known and loved among his peers =)

When I found out he had died, I couldn’t imagine giving a keynote to dozens (or hundreds) of music therapists. But when I walked into the concert hall Thursday night before my talk, I saw a guitarist and harmonica-player performing. I took that as a sign from my grampa that I was in the right place. As Shawshank Redemption’s Andy Dufresne put it, “Get busy living, or get busy dying.” Death and loss are a great reminder to keep living. And so, I spoke the next morning, and privately dedicated my talk to my grandfather. God winks 😉

NOW, I’ll be the first to call myself out on this one… My keynote was on self-care. I bragged about not getting sick this year and skipping over flu season. I shared this statement: (notice the LAKE in honor of Minnesota!)

Healthy Music Therapists // Self-Care

THEN the next day, I got knocked out COLD with a gnarly flu-ish like thing with body aches.

No doubt, it was from the girl on the shuttle from the Minneapolis airport to the hotel. She was going to a writers conference, and she had piles and piles of kleenex stacked up on her lap… the “used” kind. Red nose, nasally voice, constant blowing… (It feels better to blame someone anonymous, who I’ll never see again.) That was Thursday.

I didn’t get to a zicam until Saturday, when my husband Matt and I were biking through San Francisco. It was one of those rides where he said “Oh it’s just up the hill.” We would arrive at the top of the hill, only to find that there was yet another GIANT San-Fran-style hill to mount. Oh, those husbands…. =)

I could FEEL myself getting worse with every pump of the bike pedal. We stopped at a CVS along the way and bought zicam. It only delayed the inevitable.

I had to cancel my participation in facilitating a caregiver’s retreat this weekend. This retreat is literally the HIGHLIGHT of my career as a service provider. This is where I do my best work. Cancelled with substitute filling in. (And I’m very thankful for the substitute and the other amazing facilitators for understanding!)

I’m taking my own advice:

Here I am at a space in between. I’m deciding not to run on empty.

If I think about the work at Music Therapy Ed, or writing emails, or marketing our private practice, then my sore throat literally gets worse.

If I start cleaning up our place, putting plants into pots, rearranging stuff and throwing things away, then my body aches LOUDLY.

Those are my indicator lights: throat flaring up, body aching, eyes drooping, falling asleep. My body is saying “Slow down, Turbo.” So, in between long, deep naps and trips to the kitchen to heat up water for tea, I’m writing. Writing helps me clear my head. And it doesn’t make any indicator lights go on.

Perusing the web for self-care articles also triggers no indicator lights. I found this article by Katey Kratz (great pix!). I found this one from Elephant Journal (specific to women and exhaustion). And of course, there’s always this amazing group on Facebook.

Here are 6 experiences I’m cherishing while letting my cold run its course:

  1. Taking long, hot baths with salts and candles
  2. Sleeping while cuddling with my furry friends
  3. Putting lotion on my skin. ever. so. slowly. after the bath
  4. Brushing my teeth at SNAIL’s pace
  5. Lying in my bed feeling exactly like the times when I was a kid and had NO obligations, nothing to worry about, nobody to meet, nowhere to be, and just curl up
  6. Making the most delicious homemade soups with better-than-bouillon, kale, spinach, cilantro, grated ginger and garlic, onion, chicken or sausage, orzo…. mmmmmmmm!!!

I hope you are staying well, strong, and healthy for this week.

Be well, feel good, and make MUSIC! Kat


What Marketing Can You Do From Home?

As a traveling music therapist who used to clock 600+ miles per week on the road, marketing from home sounds soooooo lovely, relaxing, and [BONUS] productive!

If the internet was this awesome in 2005 when I opened up shop, I would’ve thrown money at Facebook, Google,, Yelp,, GroupOn, local newspapers, and anything I could find… just to feel more productive lying down in my bed, recovering from my day-to-day field work.

What marketing can you do from home?

But here’s the truth: If you do not understand Return On Investment (ROI), then do not spend money advertising your services at all.

There are so many ways to deeply connect with people online. I could recommend Facebook ads, Google adwords, purchasing or renting email lists from local organizations, writing guest blog posts or articles for influencers in your locale. But nothing on this list would matter unless you understand ROI for your efforts.

Entrepreneurs are not risk takers. They are calculated risk takers ~ Leonard C. Green

Here how to calculate ROI for any *online* or hybrid online/in-person advertising experiment:

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Challenges in Taking Time Off

I recently hired Dawn, our Project Coordinator. She’s the glue that sticks us all together. She has 18 years experience helping business owners chill out, basically =) This was my message after sending a flurry of email double-checks this morning:
Vacation timeI took July ’14 off, because I got married =) The plan has been to take February off as well. I want to take 2 full months off per year. There are a few reasons for this- I’ll get to those below.

My progress thus far: The plan for February-off was in place before we had a couple major staff-shifting events in mid-January. And, we just opened up a new position for a music therapist. I actually worked during the first week of February… and today… I cheated. When February 2 came around, I knew I had not yet set up the systems for my team to implement while I was gone. I knew I had to to get in a few last working hours before I physically LEFT for vacation.

At this point in the month – 9 days in to February, I’m set for 3, possibly 4 weeks off. But I can see that I’ll need to prepare for some spring-time conferences during the first week of March. (Is that *real* work? I suppose it’s in the eye of the beholder!)

Why should we, as business owners, take chunks of time off? I’m SO convinced that taking giant chunks of time off is the answer, and I’m determined to master this skill. It may take another year or so, but I know I can do it! It’s becoming clearer and clearer to me how beneficial taking time off is to a healthy, successful, growing company. Here are some reasons:

1. To relax. When you totally unplug from the company, you will come back refreshed, rejuvenated, with even better concepts and ideas than before.

2. To remember the FREEDOM that you’ve created. Taking time off lets you check your “survival mindset” at the door, and focus on thriving. If you can LEAVE your company for an entire month, and all is well, then you can’t even debate it…THRIVING is present. It’s happening – go celebrate! By taking off large chunks of time, you can leave the spinning wheels, the rat race, the “go-go-go or else” mentality behind, and realize the freedom that you’ve built in.

3. For your informal insurance policy. What if you get sick? What if you get hurt? What if some life-changing event happens? What if you have a baby? What if there’s a death or emergency? What if you die? What if your significant other loses his/her job?

All of these things have happened, or are likely to happen in the future. And the more we practice being absent, the more easily our business will serve us during the transitions in life. The more easily the company will leave a legacy that doesn’t depend on YOU, but instead depends on carrying out the MISSION. (Unless you made your business just about YOU, and that’s not the case. My readers are smarter than that.) =)


Here’s the place Matt took me on Sunday. He called it “an easy hike.” 4 hours later, we were scaling the face of the mountain with minimal footholds, and slippery 15-foot inclines!

Hiking in San Diego

Thursday I’m off to Hawaii and a coastal roadtrip down the west side for the rest of February.

One more thing! We have 67 incredible ACTIVATORS signed up for the next 90-days, building more vacation time and financial security into their business. Make sure to join us next time so you don’t miss out!

Ciao ciao – Be well, feel good, and make MUSIC! Kat

P.S. When’s YOUR next time off?


Music Therapists, What’s your next business cadence?

Learn more about the 90-Day ActivatorI’m always thinking ahead. I mentioned in my last blog post that ACTIVATOR is one of my strengths. Another strength I have is FUTURISTIC. Here’s how I plan:

I look 10 years ahead and answer these questions: How do I want to spend my days throughout the year? What kind of business activities do I want to pursue? Which activities will make me feel ALIVE and as if every cell in my body has a reason to be on earth? How much vacation and free time do I want? How do I want to feel? Who do I want to be?

Then I ask: Is there anything in the way of making my 10-year desires happen THIS year instead?

When you know what the future holds, there’s no reason to make the future wait for you to arrive.
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BE it now. Whatever you’d like to BE in 10 years, bring it into the now. Click to tweet that.

For all practical purposes, BEing is different than DOing. And HAVEing is a whole separate category. Ah – So, you can BE your future self right away. But what can you DO now to make sure you HAVE what you want as soon as possible?

That’s my practical question for you: What’s the next thing you can DO to get what you want to HAVE as soon as possible? What’s your next cadence? What’s your next finish line?

Does it include enjoying more time off work without losing revenue? Does it include clearing out your schedule? OR does it include bringing in new clients and filling up your schedule? Does it include bringing on a new team member?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then you should join the Activators. BUT, if you decide that the 90-Day Activator is NOT for you then, here’s what you should do instead:

  • Spend a few hours each day engaging in different business activities, testing, collecting data, and coming to a conclusion about what’s an effective use of your time and what’s not.
  • Cold call organizations, potential partners, and colleagues with intention instead of “agenda,” paying close attention to your contacts’ perception.
  • Create from scratch and scour the internet for dozens of sample contracts, budget forms, and communication planners from which you can extract language for your own.
  • Calculate your time spent on business activities in accordance with return on investment.
  • Base your rates on revenue that you’d like to generate, and hope that you calculate accurately so that you can afford equipment, subs (for your vacation time), taxes, and other expenditures.

Or you can join the 90-Day Activator and have the problems above solved, step-by-step, over 90 days, with solid support from someone who completely “gets you.”

Starting small isn’t the same thing as thinking small. But thinking big means planning smart. There’s a difference between shaking a mountain and dropping a snowflake. There’s an easier way, especially when someone else has been there and done that.

To cause an avalanche, you can shake a mountain OR find the right place to drop a snowflake. ~ Unknown

Learn more about the 90-Day Activator

Let me help you find the perfect place for that snowflake, and learn more about the 90-Day Activator business training program.


The shortest path between A and B

We close shop on MONDAY!
Don’t miss your chance to join us for the 90 Day Activator =)

In life, it all comes down to connecting our day-to-day tasks (Point A) to our higher purpose (Point B) right? How can we turn…

>> Washing dishes into a meditation, the practice of being present?
>> The morning walk out to the car into a dance?
>> A dry and boring meeting into MUSIC? (My friend Reza, Kaleigh, and I will find out next week when we facilitate team-builder with a high-performing corporate group!)

photo-1420159316697-c11e647a344dThere are a lot of things I’m not good at, but one thing that I’ve studied, obsessed over, researched, and integrated into my life is clearing the shortest path between Point A and Point B… my higher purpose and daily activities, my ideas and manifestations, my big picture vision and my baby-step timelines. This talent was validated when I took Strengths Finder, and ACTIVATOR was one of my top 5 strengths.

So, when I opened the gate to my coaching services a year ago, I was surprised to learn that many of my clients had these thoughts:

“Kat, I can’t get new clients because I don’t have a website.”
“I’m not where I want to be because I don’t have a business name yet.”
“I can’t hire someone because I don’t have enough work to offer for employment.”
“I’m not a real business yet because I don’t even have a logo.”

OR THIS: “I’m booked solid, so I don’t have time to take on new clients, yet I don’t have money to hire someone.

These common concerns inspired me to create the 90-Day Activator – to help therapists move from Point A to Point B without feeling overwhelm. To understand what is priority and what isn’t. To transform our most powerful therapeutic skills into business savvy. To align daily activity to what matters most.

The first part of the program includes a visualization, and already the Activators are digging in! Here’s what Cami Smith, MT-BC said: “I just went through the future self visualization tonight and WOWEE, what an amazing exercise! Thanks Kat- That was incredible!!!!”

And I know we’ll hear more comments like this one as we move through the program together: “Kat helped me to take the plunge and start my own business, publish my website and my book. That’s pretty measurable to me!” Debi Kret, MM, MT-BC

For the next 90 days, starting on Monday, we’ll be activating our business with sample budgets, sample contracts, communication planners, priority lists, and most importantly… a TIME TRACKER! If the spirit moves you, then join us today!

After you join up, then make sure to put the JOY in your feet, your hands, and out into the world like this:

Be well, feel good, and make MUSIC! Kat

P.S. Here’s the link… you gotta check it out: