Business doesn’t have to be so grueling

Here’s the video that I made with my family…
which led to an adventure in blogging…
which led to a self-produced DVD…
which led to a single video course I taught…
which led to Music Therapy Ed (serving courses to 2,000 people and counting)…
which led to my newest evolution…
which you should jump in on if you are a therapy business owner!

Around 3:12, I wanted the “stars introduction” to be reminiscent of the Beastie Boys Sabotage video. I think it captures the essence. What do you think?

After I produced that goofy family video, I got the guts to start blogging. I gave myself a 5 month trial period, and if it wasn’t fulfilling, then I would get rid of the blog.

5 months later I produced a video just for the heck of it, for fun, for laughs, and to be goofy. I put it on the blog to lighten the mood, but I was very nervous about publishing something “less than professional.” Well, I’m glad I hit “publish” that morning because the video now has more than 30,000 views! Here it is:

It wasn’t until AFTER I published it that I realized that I was giving value (on accident). I sent out a PDF arrangement for people to use the music with their own groups, but I didn’t realize that so many people would love it and benefit from it.

If you’ve known me since then, then you know that I received an email from someone in Scotland 17 minutes after I published the video. He said “Very nice Kat. I have been specifically asked to use this song for a group of 300 girl [scouts] at their summer camp. I have over 400 boomwhackers and think this is a great idea!”

And, he used my arrangement!

What are the chances… Coincidence or conspiracy?

I really think it all happened because God caught me having fun! And he took off with the idea! =)

It’s been 5 years.

I’m writing all of this today because this Christmas marks 5 years since I started tinkering with DIY video production. As I reflect back, please keep in mind this one very important insight:

Business doesn’t have to be so grueling.

In fact, the BEST business ideas come up “on accident,” or from having fun, or from goofing off.

For the past few weeks, my personal focus has been “marry the process, not the goal.” I’ve fallen in love over and over and over again with dancing on stage at Pink Martini concerts with friends, planting seeds for our private practice, finding humor in every day stuff, exercising, creating a new program for 2015, decorating our home, dressing up the cats, trying new recipes.

Here we are at Pink Martini! =)
Pink Martini dancing on stage
Kat Pink Martini

Sometimes we need a reminder to just have fun.

Speaking of FUN, I’m doing a live webinar for therapy business owners in just a couple weeks. I hope you can join me! This will be great opportunity for us to hang out, throw ideas around. You can ask me questions, and we can have a great time together kicking off 2015.

As for TODAY, do something just for the heck of it. No agenda, no results-oriented intentions, no goals, no cause-and-effect, no profit-and-loss. Just do something from your heart because you love it. Do something that fills your soul. Play. Be the artist that you know you are.

What will God “catch you” doing for fun this weekend?

Be well, feel good, and make MUSIC! =) Kat

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When they tell you “you’re LESS THAN,” here’s what to do…

I had a BLAST at #AMTA14! Thank you for the memories and good times. AND, exciting news about my company’s little experiment called “Music Therapy Ed” – We have now surpassed 3,000 music therapists getting the Tuesday Shout-Out. (That’s only half the field, so we still have work to do.) If you haven’t jumped on that yet, then I highly recommend it – All your friends are doing it =)

Here’s a video of me facilitating LAST year’s #AMTA13 drum circle! How fun!

I’ve never revealed this before, but here goes: One of my mentors in school – to remain nameless – told me that I would never amount to anything as a music therapist. This person said that they had no idea how I ever got involved in this degree and the best thing might be to quit now. Find something else. The entire semester was a DRAG, and I dreaded having to meet up with this mentor. Not to mention… receive a GRADE! Oy. Keep reading—

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TAKE THE QUIZ: What kind of therapist business-owner are YOU?

Hey from #AMTA14!We are LIVE from #AMTA14! Julie Palmieri and I are teaching a CMTE course on refining your online marketing. We’ve got 12 brilliant music therapists in the room with us =) Refining your message online is what we are PASSIONATE about and so happy to share.

And! Today I’m releasing a free QUIZ: What kind of therapy business-owner are YOU? I’ve been so excited to get this out there into the world. Take it, and let me know how you do!

Click here to take the quiz!

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What Might Be Missing From Your Heart-Based Business

Here’s a common concern: If we put too much of our heads in, then we lose the heart, soul, and magic of it all. So, we lose our heads instead. ;)


I’m determined to debunk that idea.

The TRUTH is that the more magic appears, the more impactful science becomes. The more intelligence mixed in, the more powerful the mystical becomes.

Have you ever noticed that the more knowledge we acquire about the universe, the more UNANSWERED QUESTIONS reveal themselves?

That is, the more information becomes KNOWN, the more UNKNOWN comes into our awareness. And of course, we don’t know what we don’t know, and that’s often when the impossible becomes possible. You with me?

If you are a heart-based business owner, I implore you to add more science to your magic. Add more intellect to your emotion. =) The more you can mix them up, and have them dancing together – even UNIFY them, the more fun you’ll have.

Tweet this: When you add more science, you spark more passion. Don’t be afraid to mix in metrics with your heart-based endeavors.

2 quick tips to add more science to your business magic:

You gotta keep reading…

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How To Take A Hit Like A Drum

“The most passionate people take hits the hardest…” If you’re in the world of music, healthcare, healing, then most likely you are extremely “passionate” =)

Barbara Corcoran talks about being passionate, caring, and taking hits in this video:

I love a good drum. I can strike it and slap it and knock on it, and it bounces right back.

The drum is resilient.

It doesn’t fight back. It puts up no resistance. In fact, the drum takes my hit and *amplifies* it.

The strikes that I cast upon the drum are not meant to be negative or hurtful. In that way, they are certainly different than the “hits” we often feel as business owners.

The hits we take as passionate business owners hurt.

I sent out 1,300 postcards the other day. I’m learning how to measure every single piece of marketing that we do for Music Therapy Ed, because I’d like the company to thrive after I die, retire, or put it up for sale. And I’ve got a master plan to make that happen.

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