Last Thursday, I facilitated a drum circle for a group of women who get together every month and donate $25 to the speaker’s favorite charity. We met at a park in Cardiff, CA, with an amazing ocean view. The air was clear and clean.

The ladies call themselves “Joyful Hearts,” and that they were! Seeing all these ladies catching up with each other, and sharing their family stories together reminded me how grateful I am for my own girlfriends.

They brought chairs, and we all sat around in a circle. I asked them to to remove their rings to protect the drum heads. I taught them the names of the drums and where they come from. Then I led them through this meditation before drumming:

Meditation Before Drumming

Take a deep breath in, and find a comfortable place in your chair. I invite you to close your eyes and draw your attention to your breath.

The breath, the air, the wind is here to fully support you in your creative endeavors today. The breath gives us life, and life gives us creativity. The air holds no judgment. Take a moment to acknowledge the air around us, and the breath we take in. [pause]

I invite you to draw your attention to the ground beneath you. The ground that offers every step as sacred one. The ground that supports you as you rest in your chair. Know that the earth is here to give you full support in your creative endeavors today. [pause]

You’re invited to focus on the sounds that surround you. The sounds of nature, wind, motorcycles, animals, the trees. All these sounds are here to play with you today. They are asking for a witness, an amplifier, a sounding board, and a playmate. Take a moment to send an energetic High Five to the sounds around you, in thanks. [pause]

Bring your attention to the drum in your hands. Feel the texture, the shape, the temperature, the contours of the drum. The drum that serves you today, as a creative channel. A simple vessel through which you communicate your own inner creative child. The drum holds no judgment. The drum is here to serve your highest self in communion with your friends. Take a moment to acknowledge the drum. [pause]

When you are ready, I invite you to open your eyes. Become aware of your friends in the circle. These friends hold no judgment. Friends are here to fully support you in your drumming today. Acknowledge your friends around the circle with a smile, a wink, and kind, loving eyes.

We had a blast =) They all donated $25 to the Cancer Coping Center.

I hope that you can copy, paste and adapt the script for your own needs in your own practice.

Meanwhile, here’s some more insight that I received this past week: When I feel disappointed in someone, when I’m revolted by someone, when someone says something that completely goes against my own personal understanding of loving kindness, when someone participates in self-destructive behavior….

I find that my first step to feeling resolve and peace is with this thought:

Given all that this person knows, all that this person has experienced in life, all that this person is equipped with, and all the tools that he’s been given,

maybe this really IS the best he/she can do.

Then I move on to examining my own response and feelings to see how I can change in the world.

Peace and blessings =) Thanks for reading. Cheers to you for a rockin’ week ahead. ~Kat

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