Roll the dice, take a chance, and suggest a song to win a free Drumify™ DVD!

Here’s the game: If you suggest the song that is chosen for the next boomwhacker video arrangement, then we will ship one Drumify™ DVD to you at no expense to you! Expected video release date will be around 12/1.

Here’s how you can submit your song suggestions:
1. Leave a comment below this post.
2. Leave a comment on the Facebook page.
3. Send me your comment via Twitter.
4. Stop by the Erfurt Music Resource vendor booth at the AMTA 2010 conference in Cleveland. Look for the boomwhacker box.

Here are the rules:
1. ANY song is game, and the holidays are coming up (hint, hint)
2. Only one song suggestion accepted per person per day
3. If two people suggest the same winning song, the person who suggested it first wins…
4. However, if you suggest a different version of the same song, and your suggested version is picked, then you win.
5. We’re accepting suggestions until Friday night, November 19, at 11:59PM.
6. The winner will be revealed on Saturday, November 20, and the video released around 12/1.

Here’s a video sampler.

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It's free. It's fun. It's fantastic =) It's literally the most popular resource I've ever published out in the interwebs! You'll love it.

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