Why Essential Oils?

Staying healthy while running a business is more than possible…

Your success DEPENDS on your health & wellness.

Studies have shown that staying healthy increases productivity. While wellness is not a requirement to achieve success, it definitely increases your chances.

When you feel good, your prospective clients know it.

When you feel good on the inside, the outside attracts prosperity. You know this is true as well as I do. Whether it’s your mental or physical health, people pick up on nonverbal indications. In order to truly put yourself into a place of service to others — the ultimate goal of any ethically-sound business — YOUR cup needs to be overflowing with goodness and health!

Essential oils can help you:

  • Stay inspired and motivated to keep moving forward
  • Remember to be kind to yourself when times get tough
  • Feel balanced when the line between work and home gets fuzzy
  • Integrate wellness interventions into your work
  • Keep your workspace and home clean with natural methods and no harsh chemicals
  • Reduce the need for caffeine and stay alert & focused
  • Feel grounded in preparation for big presentations and important meetings
  • Blend up fun, creative gifts for staff and clients
  • Build a steady stream of passive revenue (more on this later)
  • Create a calming environment for those clients who need it the most
  • Sleep better so you’re more effective during the day

I like to call essential oils The Great Integrator, where work meets home meets life, and ultimately meets YOUR HIGHEST SELF. The oils call on us to be our highest selves, and help us relax into our best selves.

If you’re wondering how on earth you would have time to fit yet another thing into your busy life… Relax. The oils don’t work as an add-on. The oils work seamlessly as the thread that connects us to being well, happy, and focused.

Essential oils have helped me: 

  • Work through past trauma
  • Stay grounded when I get nervous before a big presentation or meeting
  • Deepen my relationship with my husband
  • Enhance my fertility and balance my hormones
  • Decrease tension in my head during the occasional headache
  • Relax sore, achy muscles after long hikes
  • Give my home a spa-life feeling with beautiful medical-grade diffusers & soothing aromas
  • Improve my digestion
  • Effortlessly add an income stream to my portfolio
  • And so many more ways!

How To Get Started Using Essential Oils in Our Wellness Community

Getting started is very easy and affordable. I want to make sure you're an informed consumer and making the best decision for your family and your business, so read this first:

  1. The Starter Kit is hands-down the best deal possible. It's 50% off retail price, and it's the ONLY product available for 50% off on the Young Living website. That's 11 essential oils, a diffuser, a roller ball, 10 drams to drop oils in for sharing with friends, Ningxia packets to try, and some extra goodies. (Ningxia is a sweet and tangy drink that includes wolfberry, touted for its awesome antioxidants and super food supplemental value. And it’s delicious.) Young Living knows how to WOW their customers. They always pack extra tips, or a newsletter, or educational information. You will LOVE IT.
  2. Choose to be a wholesale member so that you can save BIG on these high quality oils. You'll save 24% at minimum, and have the opportunity to get rewards points moving forward.
  3. There is no membership fee EVER. There is no monthly obligation to buy or pay anything whatsoever. No strings attached.
  4. Young Living uses a process called Seed To Seal. That means that the essential oils you'll receive come by way of a highly controlled, non-reproducible system. These oils are THE BEST quality you'll find on the planet. Here's why Young Living is the best.
  5. The diffuser you'll receive is medical-grade. Since you'll be using absolute pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, you can rest assured that they won't eat through the plastic.
  6. When you buy the Starter Kit, you'll also get a roller attachment that you can pop onto any of your bottles. Think about where you might want to roll a relaxing oil, and what oil to use! My favorite oil to roll on is Panaway.

Are you ready? Let's do this! Step-By-Step Instructions

Visit my Young Living enrollment page and you'll have the option of becoming a Member or a Retail Customer. Choose "Member" because (1) there are no additional or recurring fees and (2) you'll have access to wholesale pricing immediately. Tap "Continue" twice. Choose your diffuser. Here's a comparison visual for ya:

In Step 1, you choose your diffuser. Steps 2 and 3 are completely optional. Tap "Next."

Fill out your information, shipping address, and credit card number for processing. And you're golden! Once my team and I get notification that you've enrolled, I will add you to the secret Facebook groups that you can use as resources to learn how best to use your oils.

Special bonuses included when you enroll with me

In addition to receiving your 11 essential oils, medical-grade diffuser, and goodies from Young Living, I will send you a personalized self-care package with roller balls, veggie capsules, and more. I will walk the path with you and help you feel confident using essential oils as a powerful self-care tool. You’ll have access to my private self-care Facebook group. You’ll also receive 3 workshop session plans that combine drumming and essential oils.

I will answer any questions you have about using essential oils, and I'll provide ongoing education as you need it along your journey.

Plus, when you buy your Starter Kit, you'll be joining one of the most inspiring, motivating, lovely communities on the planet. You'll make new friends, and you'll feel so connected and loved. We are a wonderful community and specialize in the art of SUPPORT - I can't wait for you to join us!

You will be in good hands buying your Starter Kit and setting up your home, work, and life with wellness. I'm excited for you!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
Young Living products are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.

4 Steps To Integrate Essential Oils Into Your Work

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