Since leaving my clinical practice, I’ve had so much more space for wellness work. Nurses retreats, wellness retreats, entrepreneurs retreats, casual wellness gatherings, public workshops — This is my jam! And I’m loving every second. Here’s a photo of me and Erica Flores, MT-BC, WMTR, facilitating the entrepreneurs retreat last week:

The general outline that works for many wellness settings –

????‍♀️ Step 0: Clear my energy beforehand by practicing the Great Day Protocol with Valor, Harmony, Joy, and White Angelica. Valor at the pulse points to ground myself and call in courage. Harmony on the solar plexus, or the energy center for WILL! Then I say this blessing “Let my will harmonize and align to the greater good for all I connect with today.” I place Joy on my heart to call in goodwill and happiness. And then White Angelica calls in my protective angels to clear out any energy that doesn’t belong to ME. White Angelica is great for empaths, or helping professionals – It’s very clearing.

????️ Step 1: Set the room up so that chairs are in a circle. Place drums in the middle. Diffusers belong on the side. The oils are under my chair. And make sure that people can see each other.

???? Step 2: Invite everyone to drop/inhale a lavender to open hearts to the experience. Invite participants to think about an intention, or something they want to call in to themselves in this experience.

???? Step 3: Pass around a singing bowl for sharing each person’s intention.

???? Step 4: Drum, sculpt, shape, open space for showcasing, solos, duets, eye contact, smiles, rumbles.  Spray peppermint, or lemon for climactic enhancement. Get the ya-ya’s out by identifying what no longer serves, then drum-roll it OUT.

???? Step 5: Return to intention with more clarity. Pass around Stress Away to clear the last little bit of energy. Do a celebration circle to drive home each person’s deepest intention. Pass around Frankincense to close with a blessing and connect with our higher power.

That’s the outline. There are far more details that I share with my inner circle! Grab yourself a starter kit, join my team, and see what’s possible for you!

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