When I first started to blog, I dreamed of doing a video series called “Music Therapy: Takin it to the streets.” It would look similar to Jay Leno’s street videos, but instead of catching people off guard and making them look stupid, I wanted to unveil the awesome capacity for making music in the regular, average person on the street! After all, our natural state as human beings is feeling good, being well, living authentically, & expressing ourselves through music, dance, and art… whatever FORM that takes. So, the video below is a step closer to that dream coming true.

People make music

I ran into John Fitzgerald of Remo last weekend at the WRAMTA conference, and he said something that struck me: “Kat, it’s not musicians who make music. It’s people who make music.”

In all my time spent preaching that if you have a heartbeat, then you are a natural born rhythm-maker, I had never thought of it *that* way before!

I tested John’s theory during a visit with my neighbors Clyde and Carol in the video below. Apparently, Clyde doesn’t claim to be a musician, but he makes some mad music with me anyway… Enjoy~


Special thanks goes to my jazz piano teacher Jay Jay Lim who generously shares with me tons of piano improvisation tricks that I use regularly in my therapy practice.

Also, if you’re wondering about the marimba, I got it from MusicWorx! Here’s Rachelle Norman’s post on the lap marimba.

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