I recently hired Dawn, our Project Coordinator. She’s the glue that sticks us all together. She has 18 years experience helping business owners chill out, basically =) This was my message after sending a flurry of email double-checks this morning:
Vacation timeI took July ’14 off, because I got married =) The plan has been to take February off as well. I want to take 2 full months off per year. There are a few reasons for this- I’ll get to those below.

My progress thus far: The plan for February-off was in place before we had a couple major staff-shifting events in mid-January. And, we just opened up a new position for a music therapist. I actually worked during the first week of February… and today… I cheated. When February 2 came around, I knew I had not yet set up the systems for my team to implement while I was gone. I knew I had to to get in a few last working hours before I physically LEFT for vacation.

At this point in the month – 9 days in to February, I’m set for 3, possibly 4 weeks off. But I can see that I’ll need to prepare for some spring-time conferences during the first week of March. (Is that *real* work? I suppose it’s in the eye of the beholder!)

Why should we, as business owners, take chunks of time off? I’m SO convinced that taking giant chunks of time off is the answer, and I’m determined to master this skill. It may take another year or so, but I know I can do it! It’s becoming clearer and clearer to me how beneficial taking time off is to a healthy, successful, growing company. Here are some reasons:

1. To relax. When you totally unplug from the company, you will come back refreshed, rejuvenated, with even better concepts and ideas than before.

2. To remember the FREEDOM that you’ve created. Taking time off lets you check your “survival mindset” at the door, and focus on thriving. If you can LEAVE your company for an entire month, and all is well, then you can’t even debate it…THRIVING is present. It’s happening – go celebrate! By taking off large chunks of time, you can leave the spinning wheels, the rat race, the “go-go-go or else” mentality behind, and realize the freedom that you’ve built in.

3. For your informal insurance policy. What if you get sick? What if you get hurt? What if some life-changing event happens? What if you have a baby? What if there’s a death or emergency? What if you die? What if your significant other loses his/her job?

All of these things have happened, or are likely to happen in the future. And the more we practice being absent, the more easily our business will serve us during the transitions in life. The more easily the company will leave a legacy that doesn’t depend on YOU, but instead depends on carrying out the MISSION. (Unless you made your business just about YOU, and that’s not the case. My readers are smarter than that.) =)


Here’s the place Matt took me on Sunday. He called it “an easy hike.” 4 hours later, we were scaling the face of the mountain with minimal footholds, and slippery 15-foot inclines!

Hiking in San Diego

Thursday I’m off to Hawaii and a coastal roadtrip down the west side for the rest of February.

One more thing! We have 67 incredible ACTIVATORS signed up for the next 90-days, building more vacation time and financial security into their business. Make sure to join us next time so you don’t miss out!

Ciao ciao – Be well, feel good, and make MUSIC! Kat

P.S. When’s YOUR next time off?

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