I just wrapped up an early-morning SkypeDrum session with the music therapy students at the University of Louisville. It started at 7AM for me in San Diego, and 10AM for them in Louisville, KY.

**Special thanks to Professor Darcy Walworth and her assistant Ashley for scheduling and logistics!

I demonstrated the 1-second sound delay, gave a brief bio of myself, and we were off role-playing from toddler-age thru older adult. You can download the PDF Quick Reference to the presentation here.

For drumming in clinical practice, I’m a big fan of both (1) our music therapy training, and (2) contributors to the drum circle facilitation community: Arthur Hull, Dave Holland, Christine Stevens. There are more, but these few resources are plenty for music therapy students just starting out.

Skype drumWe had one particular experience that I love doing over Skype: I walk my fingers around on the big screen, and the students play like my fingers dance. Then the students take it away by drumming to each others’ dance. I mentioned that this experience is really good for adolescents in behavior health, and one student posed an excellent question:

“What do you do when you are working with a group of adolescents in behavior health, and they think your drumming experience is stupid?”

Do you have an answer? Please let me and the University of Louisville students know below!

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