This morning on Instagram, I shared the Legend of Thieves in my story. Why do I drum? Because I love connecting with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. And I’ve witnessed the power! There was the time Betty, the dancer, came back from recovering from a stroke. She wasn’t dancing, but she now drummed. And she said “This is *just* like dancing! I feel better now than I’ve felt in years!”

It is the same effect with Thieves. Nature – healing – power. Scroll down for the Legend of Thieves.

The Legend of Thieves

In 15th century France, times were tough. Dead bodies piled up, and no one could bury or burn them… upon exposure to the bodies, anyone might contract the Black Plague.

A small group of brave souls came together to steal gold and valuables from the dead bodies. When they came back to town flaunting their new-found treasures, they were charged with thievery.

But they never got sick! And so, the judge decided to reduce their sentence because they were willing to share the secret of how they dodged the Black Plague.

Their Secret

The secret was quite simple. In their amulets, they wore lemon, rosemary, cinnamon, and clove – the ingredients of Thieves. They never got sick. They never caught the Black Plague, and they wow-ed all the villagers!

And that, my friends, is why Thieves is called Thieves.

Modern Day Science

In the same way that the healing powers of music are validated with modern day science, Thieves also packs a punch of nerdy research. Clove is the highest known antioxidant out there. Cinnamon pretty much kills everything in its path.

All this to say, that I feel so strongly about Thieves and its ability to fortify the immune system. I want to send you Thieves to try it for yourself!

All you have to do is fill this quick form out, and I’ll send you some Thieves for free, for fun.

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