Learn more about the 90-Day ActivatorI’m always thinking ahead. I mentioned in my last blog post that ACTIVATOR is one of my strengths. Another strength I have is FUTURISTIC. Here’s how I plan:

I look 10 years ahead and answer these questions: How do I want to spend my days throughout the year? What kind of business activities do I want to pursue? Which activities will make me feel ALIVE and as if every cell in my body has a reason to be on earth? How much vacation and free time do I want? How do I want to feel? Who do I want to be?

Then I ask: Is there anything in the way of making my 10-year desires happen THIS year instead?

When you know what the future holds, there’s no reason to make the future wait for you to arrive.
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BE it now. Whatever you’d like to BE in 10 years, bring it into the now. Click to tweet that.

For all practical purposes, BEing is different than DOing. And HAVEing is a whole separate category. Ah – So, you can BE your future self right away. But what can you DO now to make sure you HAVE what you want as soon as possible?

That’s my practical question for you: What’s the next thing you can DO to get what you want to HAVE as soon as possible? What’s your next cadence? What’s your next finish line?

Does it include enjoying more time off work without losing revenue? Does it include clearing out your schedule? OR does it include bringing in new clients and filling up your schedule? Does it include bringing on a new team member?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then you should join the Activators. BUT, if you decide that the 90-Day Activator is NOT for you then, here’s what you should do instead:

  • Spend a few hours each day engaging in different business activities, testing, collecting data, and coming to a conclusion about what’s an effective use of your time and what’s not.
  • Cold call organizations, potential partners, and colleagues with intention instead of “agenda,” paying close attention to your contacts’ perception.
  • Create from scratch and scour the internet for dozens of sample contracts, budget forms, and communication planners from which you can extract language for your own.
  • Calculate your time spent on business activities in accordance with return on investment.
  • Base your rates on revenue that you’d like to generate, and hope that you calculate accurately so that you can afford equipment, subs (for your vacation time), taxes, and other expenditures.

Or you can join the 90-Day Activator and have the problems above solved, step-by-step, over 90 days, with solid support from someone who completely “gets you.”

Starting small isn’t the same thing as thinking small. But thinking big means planning smart. There’s a difference between shaking a mountain and dropping a snowflake. There’s an easier way, especially when someone else has been there and done that.

To cause an avalanche, you can shake a mountain OR find the right place to drop a snowflake. ~ Unknown

Learn more about the 90-Day Activator

Let me help you find the perfect place for that snowflake, and learn more about the 90-Day Activator business training program.

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