“The most passionate people take hits the hardest…” If you’re in the world of music, healthcare, healing, then most likely you are extremely “passionate” =)

Barbara Corcoran talks about being passionate, caring, and taking hits in this video:

I love a good drum. I can strike it and slap it and knock on it, and it bounces right back.

The drum is resilient.

It doesn’t fight back. It puts up no resistance. In fact, the drum takes my hit and *amplifies* it.

The strikes that I cast upon the drum are not meant to be negative or hurtful. In that way, they are certainly different than the “hits” we often feel as business owners.

The hits we take as passionate business owners hurt.

I sent out 1,300 postcards the other day. I’m learning how to measure every single piece of marketing that we do for Music Therapy Ed, because I’d like the company to thrive after I die, retire, or put it up for sale. And I’ve got a master plan to make that happen.

The cost of mailing this postcard was around $1K.

We’ve been able to calculate exactly how much revenue to expect per year, according to the number of people who sign up for our email list.

So, simple math can tell us what the return on investment for the postcard mailing is, based on how many postcard recipients sign up for our email list. Got it?

Disaster struck =)

After hiring an analytics consultant, I learned that the URL we put on the postcard will not measure our conversions accurately. It’s rather complicated, and I won’t bore you with details. BUT… trust me, our measurements won’t be accurate.

Did we just waste a thousand dollars?

I told a friend about it the other day. She said “Oh my goodness. That sounds like a nightmare!” And I realized that I was describing it in a way that was incongruent with what it actually means for the company.

Here’s what it means for the company: Our estimates for the ROI won’t be as precise as expected. But more importantly, we now know *exactly* how to plan the next postcard mailer campaign in order to get great results. And how cool is that? We didn’t have that information before this event.

Everything is an experiment.

Did this little $1K experiment hurt? YES. Taking a HIT, as a passionate person is tough. But the only thing that makes it destroy something you create is when it paralyzes you, and you can’t stand back up to keep moving forward.

Same thing with fear. “I’m not ready.” “I don’t have everything planned out perfectly yet.” “I’m scared about what people will think.” “I haven’t taken enough specialized trainings yet, so I can’t do that.” “I’m not an expert yet.”

Those are PARALYZING and limiting beliefs. The key is to move forward ANYWAY. The key is to acknowledge the fear, the mistake, the defeat, and go on ANYWAY. Take the hit, and bounce right back into the groove. It’s messy, it’s beautiful, it’s crazy, it’s life =)

Tweet this: Take a lesson from a resilient DRUM: Don’t let a HIT paralyze you! Bounce back to the groove.

Here’s your mantra for today: I’M GONNA DO IT ANYWAY

When’s the last time YOU took a hit like a drum? =)

Be well, feel good, and make MUSIC! Kat

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