Did you ever wonder whether or not there was an actual PERSON behind the stretchy band? Well, there is! Her name is Janet Stephens. She manufactures them along with a bunch of other goodies you can find in her online store. I met her online through her music therapist sister Kathy Schumacher.

Janet sent me her signature Q-Chord gig bag to review – Click play to watch it in action!

I’ve gotten to meet a lot of creative innovators over the past couple of years… Michelle Erfurt, Remo Belli, Craig Ramsell, Terri Smith-Morse. My friend Dayna‘s mom makes drum cases and mallets. Even Jessy Rushing told me about one of her secret inventions that I can’t tell you yet…

Since we’re all born making music, I also believe we are all BORN inventors. Let us know in the comments what kind of inventive ideas you’ve had. Have you figured out a way to make your life easier? Have you designed a system for your own personal health and healing? Do you have a great idea that just waiting on the right chemist and engineer to bring it into fruition?

Feel free to share your etsy shop links and websites!

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