Music is the silence between the notes. Claude Debussy

It’s almost WEBINAR TIME! I’ll be announcing a very cool new program in 2015! I haven’t been this excited about helping business owners in a lonnnnng time. Hope to see ya there =)

I ripped the title of this blog post off this little gem, shared with me by Briana Priester who has an awesome project coming soon.

I’ve been on a STOP DOING kick for a few months, especially after July when I re-read the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss.

20% of our daily activity is what generates 80% of our positive results. That means that about 80% of what you’re doing in your business is useless. I sincerely believe this to be true. After taking July 2014 off, I made a commitment to take 2 full months off per year. After July went by successfully, without missing a beat because of my team of AWESOME WOMEN, I realized that most of the items I wrote on my daily to-do lists were unnecessary. Instead of fulfilling some sort of operational requirement for our mission, I found that my to-do list fulfilled a twisted personal agenda – the need to feel busy so that I can feel “accomplished.” How terribly self-centered, right?

Stop Doing List for Music Therapists

Work hard, play hard. February is my goal for the next month off. I’m holding myself accountable by flying to Hawaii and driving up the California coast with a dear friend.

The unrelenting to-do list is probably not the most effective use of your time, if you are a business owner. As soon as I started writing out my Stop Doing list, I felt a sense of peace. I felt happy anticipation for what I would soon delegate. I noticed my calendar shift from over-booked to oceans-of-space. I cooked more. I exercised more. I spent more time with my husband, friends, and kitties.

If you MUST keep a To-Do, I recommend only allowing three items at a time.

So, let’s get on with it now! I present to you… [drum roll]… 6 things music therapists need to STOP doing in 2015:

1. Stop saying YES. You say YES, and you’re committed for more time and energy. What are 2 or 3 things that are most important to you in life? Stick to those ONLY and go deep, instead of spreading yourself thin across multiple projects, people, and causes.

2. Stop reacting. Emails, phone calls, social media notifications, text messages… ALL of those are other people interrupting your day. You are in charge of your life. Save your responses until you’ve accomplished YOUR plan for the day. Don’t let others rule your time.

3. Stop waiting until you’re an expert. You have credentials. You are highly qualified and trained. The idea that you NEED certain specialized trainings *before* providing services is great marketing for specialized trainings =) But is that true? Should you pay $600 for another specialized training before you shake a hand, make a presentation, sign a contract? The choice is yours. But don’t let what’s untrue hold you back.

4. Stop thinking that being a THERAPIST means you can’t run a business well. We are multi-faceted, complex creatures. You ARE logical. You CAN do simple math. Think about all the complex calculations that your body automatically runs through every second sub-consciously… just in order to keep breathing, or balance standing up on two legs. You have logic within you. Don’t let your emotions tell you otherwise. All smart business is, is simple math and logic.

5. Stop worrying about financial security. I know this is a touchy topic, because you might’ve been in dire straits at some point. Maybe even right now. But consider your energy allocation. What thoughts run through your head? Are the thoughts and feelings you experience focused on creating, building, generating, producing? Or are they focused on lack, scarcity, deficiency, not enough? Success is more closely related to resourcefulness than resources.

Thoughts become things. ~ Mike Dooley

6. Stop worrying that someone will “steal away” work that is meant for a music therapist. The higher calling of the field of music therapy is to teach others to use music for health + healing. When others use music for healing, they naturally won’t be as skilled as you, because you have many years under your belt of highly qualified training. But check this out… I derived this higher calling from logic and simple math: It is quite selfish to think that 6,000 MT-BCs are capable of serving ALL of the millions of people in the world who need music + healing. There are 5 million Americans with Alzheimer’s alone… That doesn’t include autism, cancer, development disabilities… Let it go. You can’t expect to save the world with hundreds of millions of people tapping on YOUR shoulder. Embrace and collaborate with music + healing initiatives that are outside of the music therapy field (e.g. Musicians On Call, Sound Healers, Music Thanatologists). Be a LEADER in healthcare by becoming a COLLABORATOR, trainer, author, speaker, workshop leader. Share your gift with solid boundaries, and lead with generosity!

Come find out my big news, and what’s coming for you in 2015… I cannot WAIT to spill the beans. Register to join me here.

Be well, feel good, and make music =) Kat

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