I have such exciting news! More on that later, but for now, do you ever feel fully supported by your friends, family, and colleagues? I have been just that lucky recently!

Right now I’m feeling like there is an answer to every question, and a solution to every problem. I am so thankful to have these solution-providers in my life!

Problem #1: It is awkward to carry boomwhackers.
Solution #1: Boom Totes from Michelle Erfurt at the Music Therapy Tween.

Boom Tote

Michelle sent me two bags, one for the shorter boomies, and one for the longer boomies. AND she put my Rhythm For Good logo on the big one! The really cool thing is that the mesh top gives me a sneak peek at what’s inside instead of leaving me hanging.

Before Michelle’s bags, I used opaque bags. They have a very cute design, but you cannot tell what’s inside! I love the mesh top. It saves me a bunch of time digging through to see what’s inside.

You can check out Michelle’s other goodies for sale at her Etsy shop.

Problem #2: I’m always losing contests. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Solution #2: I WON! I WON! I WON!

JoAnn from Jordan Enterprises held a contest to win a book, and I was the lucky winner!

The book is called Launch: How to quickly propel your business beyong the competition by Michael Stelzner. I’ve only read the first couple of pages so far, but the author definitely knows about keeping up with technology in business.

Thank you JoAnn! If you haven’t subscribed to her Sparks newsletter for music and older adults, you’ve got to. It’s so valuable.

Problem #3: I wasn’t sure how to leverage my talents to improve my business.
Solution #3: Online business school with Marie Forleo and Laura Roeder.

They sent me this mug in the mail after the course. This course was the most comprehensive business course I’ve ever taken. I was blown away by the content.

Boom Tote

They covered everything from providing the most awesome experience for clients, to designing online programs and courses, to communicating effectively. A blog post just doesn’t do it justice.

And now, for the special announcement…

Through B-School I have been able to design something very exciting that will help YOU. Full CMTE details will be available on August 15. Sound Health Music is now a CBMT Approved Provider!

Get a sneak peek this Friday, July 29 LIVE on the Janice Harris Music Therapy Show at 9AM Pacific.

As always, thanks for reading and Be Well, Feel Good, and Make MUSIC!

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