I got a letter from Julie, a music therapy student, asking about facilitating drum circles.

Click play below to hear my 6 action steps to get on the fast track to become an effective drum circle facilitator. (The first 3 you can start doing right NOW.)

You can find out more about drum circles in general with Drum Circle Spirit by Arthur Hull. You can get more specific information about drum circle facilitation with Arthur’s book Drum Circle Facilitation. Both of these books are AWESOME resources.

And finally, my hands-down, MOST favorite resource on facilitating drum circles with KIDS is Dave Holland’s Drumagination. This book and DVD will blow your mind so hard that you will start doing backflips. Warn your neighbors.

I bring you these resources through my partnership with Amazon.

Now, as for workshops, Dave Holland is gracing Indianapolis with his presence on Saturday, March 24. You gotta go. It’s too good to miss.

You know, I’m definitely not a know-it-all. Partner-in-crime, yes. But guru, no. Sooooooo, I’m dying to know what you would say to someone who wants to be a drum circle facilitator?

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