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We’ve temporarily taken it off the market for revisions.
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Do you want to uplift and inspire older adult groups?

The Drumify™ Dances for Older Adults DVD is here to help.

What’s on the Drumify™ DVD?

  • Live session footage at older adult communities
  • Greeting songs and transitions
  • 7 favorite classic dance rhythms on the DRUMS
  • Easy songs to open your group smoothly to drumming
  • The low-down on the best drums to use for packing and traveling to older adult communities
  • Fresh ideas for sessions that will keep your clients and administrators asking for more!

Price of $35

The dream: You enter a session, hand out the drums, and immediately, your clients feel comfortable making music in the group. The session goes on, meaningful moments are created, stories are shared, feelings are expressed, and the rhythm speaks if the voices are ever weak. By the end of the group, those who may not have even known each other are smiling, laughing, and singing with each other as if they’ve known each other for years! Finally, you leave the session relaxed, yet energized, and ready for the rest of your work day! Then your administrators call you up asking for more drumming!

The dream comes into reality with the Drumify™ Dances for Older Adults DVD.

Read the story behind Drumify™.

Who is Drumify™ for?

  • Music therapists
  • Older adult group facilitators
  • Activities directors who facilitate music sessions
  • Musicians interested in providing more interactive experiences

What does Drumify™ cover?

Drumify™ these techniques for your groups:
Cuing, rumbles, improvisation, drum-alongs, scat singing, and more…

Drumify™ these dance rhythms:
Polka, Waltz, Mexican Hat Dance, Cha Cha, Swing, Belly Dance, and Charleston.

Also, Drumify™ the ever-important greeting songs, transition songs, & little ditties to make your older adults feel right at home.

What are people saying about Drumify™?

If you’re a music therapist or drum circle facilitator who works with older adults, Drumify™ Dances for Older Adults is the resource you’ve been waiting for! Kat shares her secrets and her passion for working with this population with clear techniques, accessible songs, and valuable field footage. The end result is a perfectly balanced protocol that will have your older adults smiling, interacting and jamming to the beat!

–Dave Holland, author of Drumagination, owner of Interactive Rhythm

Kat is a master at inspirational drumming, singing, and memory stimulation. Drumify™ is an excellent program full of practical, inspiring methods to ignite the spirits of older adults. I recommend it.

–Christine Stevens, MSW, MT-BC, author of The Healing Drum Kit


**Attention international customers: The UK runs on the PAL standard where we are NTSC in the US. You will need to watch Drumify™ on a computer or on a PAL/NTSC DVD player. A lot of the new DVD players over seas will play both formats but the old ones will not.

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