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Kat Fulton

I am a speaker and board-certified music therapist whose passion is achieving therapeutic goals through making music. I’ve been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, facilitated drum circles with the US Surgeon General, and I’ve built a company starting with ZERO… that fills my soul, my bank account, AND my philanthropy.

I aspire to be the catalyst for events that make people say “Oh wow – that IS possible. I had no idea.”

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By the way, I skype with university students for FREE. Contact me to schedule a date asap.

90-Day Activator

90-Day Activator

I run a 90-Day Activator program for business owners. The program is a basic business training, built on the idea that a therapist can leverage therapeutic strengths to actually improve his/her business.

I created the 90-Day Activator because when I started my business, I had to figure it out on my own. It seemed like the more outreach I did, the more lack of education and lack of funding I discovered. Plus, I didn’t have time to leverage my strengths, yet I didn’t have enough funds to hire someone to provide relief for ALL the tasks that needed to be done.

Based on hundreds of interviews with business owners, 10 years as a private practice owner, sculpting out a strong team of 6, and using my company to provide continuing education to 3,000+ healthcare professionals online, I created the 90-Day Activator.

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Music Therapy Ed

online CMTEs

I am the Founder of Music Therapy Ed, a website that has served more than 3,000 people in taking their practice to a new level.

Built on the belief that music in healthcare saves money, has no side effects, and produces surprisingly amazing results, we offer 20+ courses on a variety of topics with the highest quality video instruction from the most world renowned music therapists on the planet. Topics include: drum circle facilitation, guitar skills, piano improvisation, insurance reimbursement, marketing, hospice, autism, blind and deaf, *ethics* (as required by CBMT), and more.

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Drum Circle Facilitation +
Music Therapy

Sound Health Music

Looking for a once-in-a-lifetime retreat experience? Amazing team builder? Or are you a Life Enrichment Director for a retirement community? Perhaps you are looking for music experiences for kids and camps? Sound Health Music is an organization that encourages, enables, and empowers people to develop potential through music experiences.

Our board-certified music therapists use music as the vehicle for positive change in the medical, corporate, enrichment, and wellness settings. Learn more—

4 Steps To Integrate Essential Oils Into Your Work

Join me August 1st at 4PM Pacific. Recording available. Learn how to use essential oils to amplify your work and attract wellness populations!

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It's free. It's fun. It's fantastic =) It's literally the most popular resource I've ever published out in the interwebs! You'll love it.

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