I’m new to the Cloud-Computing, too. I started a year ago. Online ZEN is just a little bit about how I’m using the Cloud more efficiently to make my life in the physical realm easier. Thanks for joining me in unveiling my rhythm online! =)

Do you know what it’s like to be drawn to a particular movement in your life? Perhaps circumstances lead you in a certain direction… I’ll cut to the chase. I was asked to do a 5-hour CMTE at the Western Region American Music Therapy Association 2011 Conference in Long Beach. Topic: Online Advocacy. I took a deep breath.

Then, Wednesday morning I received another email asking me how I find the time to do what I do online. Diana Tedoldi, a reader in Italy wrote to me:

Dear Kat,

As I told you I see you as a model of communication! So, I decided to start a blog as well!!! I very much like the way you keep sharing thoughts and creativity through your blog, and that’s exactly what’s missing in my public communication. The website is a good showcase of my activities, but not the right place to place daily or weekly comments and articles…

I have a question: How do you find the time to post so much??!! Yes, I’m astonished by the quantity of the articles you post, and videos and everything….How do you organize your day in order to have the time to do this?

Do you have anybody helping you write or edit? Do you have any computer tools you find particularly useful that help you cut on time investment for video editing? I could dedicate 30-60 minutes each day to blogging….Is that similar to what you do?

If you have time to reply, I would really appreciate your support.

Love!! Diana

Even my San Diego beach volleyball/motorcycle-riding friend Nicole Barrote asked me how she should organize her daily routine to fit in all the online activities that I do. In the survey that I ran last October I asked what you – the readers – would like to see more of. “Online business tips” was not an option, yet several people suggested it in the “Other” field.

Upon hearing these questions and inquiries, my first reaction was “This isn’t my expertise. Spend less time online. That’s the answer.” The problem was that I couldn’t imagine writing about online activity without spending MORE time online (which would throw my life totally off-balance). BUT, after massaging the idea thoroughly in my mind (and because I continue to receive inquiries), I’m now ready to offer the answers. I made a promise to myself that any presentation, blog post, workshop, or continuing education service I give must also serve me in my personal and professional development. And I’ve figured out how to keep my personal intent of spending less time online while offering this new series.

I introduce to you: ONLINE ZEN. Over the next 12 weeks, I’ll be taking you on my personal journey of making life easier using the internet. I’m so excited about this series because it will benefit ME just as much as YOU. (And I’m a big advocate of self-care.) I’ll also be blogging on the regular stuff, but expect to see an ONLINE ZEN post sprinkled here and there.

As much as I LOVE blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more, I do not want to spend more time online than I already do. In fact, I refuse to spend more time than I already do. So, I’ve been educating myself like crazy on time management, social media shortcuts, website services that streamline tasks, simplifying tricks, and minimalism.

The ONLINE ZEN topics will include~

  1. Manage your email like it’s going out of style (and it is btw).
  2. Use Facebook, but not like 73 times a day.
  3. What’s Twitter and should I join the conversation?
  4. Produce videos fast and easy.
  5. Set up a blog and/or website fast and easy.
  6. SEO – What’s that? Get it set up fast and easy.

Here’s my first ScreenFlow video on managing RSS feeds through my Google homepage. Instead of visiting a zillion different sites and opening up a zillion different tabs and windows to accommodate all the URLs of all the cool stuff that’s available 24-7 online, I just use my Google homepage instead. Watch in full screen for best results.

How do you manage online activity with everything else that life has to offer? 😉

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