I’ve been throwing stuff into the Cloud (Internet) only for a year. Online ZEN is just a little bit about how I’m using the Cloud more efficiently to make my life in the physical realm easier. Thanks for joining me in unveiling my rhythm in the Cloud! =)

To the left is my new physical inbox for mail and paperwork. I have never had one before, so I’m excited to put it to use. Also, for 5 of the last 7 days, I have checked email *after* working on my most important projects for 2 hours. (These were my goals from my last post in the series.) It’s very exciting to jump into this new perspective of the Cloud!

Now, here is how you can set up a website and/or blog super fast using Bluehost for hosting.*

1. Buy hosting through Bluehost if you don’t already have it. I highly recommend working with a hosting company that allows multiple domains under the same account, and Bluehost does exactly that. Plus they offer an awesome Online Chat help service as you find your way!
2. Decide on a good domain name, make sure it’s available, and buy it for $10.
3. Make sure your new domain is either your primary domain or an add-on domain.
4. On the c-panel, click on WordPress, and install WordPress on your domain.

So easy! You will receive your name and password, then you are on your way to a rockin website!

WordPress allows for so many options. There are a ga-zillion free themes from which to choose, and plugins are almost as unlimited as apps on the iPhone. You will definitely be able to build the perfect website using WordPress. And, WordPress is free. Here’s my Screenflow video how I did it in less than 4 minutes . . . (I tried for 3 minutes, but didn’t quite make it.)

*If you have a different hosting company already, I might be able to help. I’ve worked with GoDaddy, WebGator, and ADDR. Just throw down a comment, and I’ll try to give you specific instructions.

**Want even MORE information? Take my course for continuing ed credits here: http://www.musictherapyed.com/kat-fulton-experts-zen/

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It's free. It's fun. It's fantastic =) It's literally the most popular resource I've ever published out in the interwebs! You'll love it.

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