Someone called me a visionary the other day. I was smiling ear-to-ear. I love hearing words spoken of me about that which I aspire to be! Here is my vision…

Expanding Music Therapy: I see more music therapists and our sister professionals standing in our power, owning our expertise, and sharing it with the world. I see music therapists consulting and packaging their expertise so that other healthcare professionals can improve their service to patients. But wait, that’s already happening HERE.

Collaborating: I see music therapists working side by side in the same clinics and on the same par as OTs, SLPs, and PTs. I see common goals being achieved by different disciplines in a million creative ways. I see a safe place for children to go to be heard, to be recognized, and to be loved. But wait, that’s already happening here (and many other places):

More Access: I see a world where private insurance companies acknowledge the decades of research and effectiveness of music therapy. I see patients like children with special needs, people who suffer stroke, brain injury, Parkinsons and other neurologic conditions, and people with developmental disabilities having access to music therapy services through insurance companies. Oh wait, that’s already happening HERE, HERE, HERE, and I’m sure in more places than that.

Rhythm-Based Wellness: I see a world where health coverage agencies include rhythm-based wellness programs for the communities they serve. Oh wait, that’s already happening HERE.

Learning With Ease: I see a world where continuing education for music therapists and music therapy lovers is affordable, accessible, and available at their fingertips any time of day, any day of the year. Oh wait, that’s already happening HERE.

As a visionary, the way I “see” it, I’m just speaking out loud the things that are already happening.

Maybe I should dream up some bigger dreams?

What do YOU see in your visions?

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