This is my last day in the Kat-Cave. Super thanks to my friend Tyne Hallgrimson, who sent in her cat in a cave… Now you see me, now you don’t!

Yesterday I realized what a huge crossroads I’ve come to in my journey on earth. All of these amazing things have happened recently:

1. End Of An Era. My voice student performed his last gig at a Christmas In July event in Oceanside. LAST GIG! (sniff, sniff) I’ve been his vocal coach for two years, and both of us have grown tremendously. He graduated from high school, and is now on his way to UCLA’s Pathway program.

2. Creative Entrepreneurs Making A Difference. A week ago I attended the World Domination Summit: Living a Remarkable Life in a Conventional World. It was truly inspiring. Lots of speakers. Brené Brown was my favorite, hands down. But you’ll be floored by what happened at the very end of the conference . . .

Chris Guillebeau is the ring-leader of this event. In the closing talk, he mentioned that they get tons of corporations wanting to sponsor the event. They always turn them down because they want to keep the event organic and true. He said “How would this sound: Miller Light’s World Domination Summit?” No no no!

But at the last minute an anonymous donor came in and made a contribution. After crunching this year’s surplus plus the donation, they realized that it was equal to $100 rebate per attendee.

Ok, great, so we walked out with $100 cash. That’s cool and all. BUT the KICKER here is that only 2-3 months ago, Chris published a book called The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future.

I mean, WHAT?! Crazy! So, he left us with a message and $100 cash: “Go create something great in the world.”

When crazy things like this happen, when God “winks” at us, my friend Draza and I always say “What are the chances of that happening?” Well, looking back at this particular instance, apparently the chances just happened to be


So, then looking forward, you might as well count on crazy amazing things happening all the time. Like the next one . . .

3. Joyous Living. I went to an experimental workshop in La Jolla this past weekend on joyous living. The leader was an enormously successful businessman who has taken a cool curve in his career. He has been working on the material for this workshop for 2 years. How lucky that I was invited in on this before it hits the open market.

The workshop was so impactful for me. We ate lunch slowly, meditatively, while turning 100% focus, thoughts, and energy to the act of eating. I’ve never salivated so much in my life. I’ve never studied flavor and texture so deeply.

I had ah-ha moments over and over. The reminder that acceptance is not resignation. How to reset expectations. How false sense of urgency creates anxiety and destroys planning and skill development. The acknowledgement that it is most difficult to remove things from life when feeling fearful.

The reminder of “Don’t fight the darkness, find a candle.”

And, the leader of the workshop is soooooo not your typical ra-ra-ra self-help kinda teacher. It was far more real and authentic.

Oh I could go on and on. But then I had the opportunity to meet the other participants. There were wild connections and mutual friends! There was such a creative, fluid buzz while socializing. The people who were in attendance were simply out-of-this-world. What a rush.

4. On To My Next Chapter. I feel uber uber blessed and grateful to be able to integrate my learnings and epiphanies over the past couple of weeks into my life and business. Moving forward, I can recognize those moments of false urgency, and ask myself if they are true. I can quit fighting the monsters that seem so large in the darkness. I can focus my attention on finding the candle instead.

Ahhhhh! So, the way I will celebrate and express my gratitude for music therapists who learn through, is by building a rock garden. For every music therapist who signs on starting with tomorrow’s launch, I will add a rock to the garden and create a cool formation on my patio.

It’s definitely a more private, meditative practice for me. I won’t be showing off the rock garden or blabbing about it all over the web. But the purpose is really to serve my own sense of peace through this next chapter.

I feel like we are living at the right time, in the right place, exactly where we belong. Thanks for being a witness =)

Now, I must see my beloved clients for the day! Hope your day is amazing, and remember “What are the chances of something incredible happening?”


~ Kat

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