Many of us music therapy bloggers are participating in an advocacy project for the month of January, and here’s my post to add to the mix!

Our plan this month is to increase awareness of what board-certification means. We’d like to make sure that the MT-BC is a minimum requirement as a service provision in every work setting. In other words, if someone is practicing “music therapy” in the US, they should be board-certified. **See more below.

So, get involved! If you are in the Western Region, please look up your state task force leader, and get in touch to let him/her know that you are ON BOARD for Government Relations at

Check out the Certification Board for Music Therapists and the American Music Therapy Association for more information. And you can check out the official press release at WRAMTA to see the list of participants in this project.

What is advocacy? Here’s what I found at

ad·vo·ca·cy  ( d v -k -s ) n. The act of pleading or arguing in favor of something, such as a cause, idea, or policy; active support.

So, you are an advocate when you are:

1. Writing letters to your legislators educating them about music therapy,
2. Describing and explaining what music therapy is to a stranger or friend,
3. Making presentations about music therapy to anyone anywhere (e.g. conferences, local Rotary clubs, teachers in a school, associations),
4. Writing educational posts about music therapy online on any website,
5. Providing music therapy service or consulting during which observers are educated about music therapy,
6. Marketing for your music therapy business,…

AND you don’t even have to practice music therapy to be an advocate. You’re even an advocate if you share this post with someone on Facebook or Twitter! (Thanks in advance 😉 ) Feel free to share on Facebook or share on Twitter!

**One last thing to remember: Some of our biggest allies are drum circle facilitators, sound healers, music practitioners, and other healthcare professionals such as physical therapists, speech therapists, etc. Let’s continue to network, collaborate, and befriend with generosity and kindness.

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Image: Altemark under CC BY-SA 2.0

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