First, if you’re a mom, then I hope you basked in all the glory of Mother’s Day yesterday! I had a good, long, sweet heart-to-heart phone conversation with my mom yesterday. We talked about plants, veggies, varments, and just a splash of politics. She’s the best =)

Now, on to the guitar! I got a question from Margie, a percussion major who is preparing for graduate school in music therapy – exciting! She’s wondering about picking (no pun intended) up guitar skills. Click play to hear my answer!

Also, you can catch me pickin’ away at 3:35. (That one took a couple of takes, I admit. Whew!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

Learning to play the guitar is a requirement for music therapists. I’m so glad I’ve learned how to play because it comes in handy ALL the time – at parties, campfires, at BBQs. I love that the guitar is so portable!

If you hang out with me on Facebook, then you might’ve seen this photo recently:

Music Therapy guitar

You’ll be relieved to hear that my boyfriend and I stopped in a music shop after Mother’s Day lunch, and I got a new guitar! I needed a “therapy” guitar… one that can be thrown around and jostled about. 99 bucks later, I’m a happy camper.

I’ve got a proper “performance” guitar at home, too. It’s got a pick up and great action. But I like to use a less formal guitar for day-to-day sessions.

Now, Margie and I are curious… How did YOU learn to play the guitar? What kinds of books, tools, and mentors did you have along the way?

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