I returned last week from the American Music Therapy Conference in Atlanta.

I briefly sat on a social media panel. I had to leave early for a meeting. This post fills up what I forgot to mention in my 5 minute spiel at the beginning.

Thanks to Kimberly Sena Moore, Meryl Brown, Michelle Erfurt, Rachel Rambach, Roia Rafieyan, Matt Logan, Bill Matney, Michelle Strutzel, and Sarah Sendlbeck for being Mad Producers in the social media panel at conference.

It seems as though they (and many more) have already realized web-based rejuvenation, inspiration, and just plain awesomeness.

There is a beautiful marriage created when you can pinpoint your unique talents and pair them with a deep need in the world community. That’s how to produce value and not get burned out.

While using your unique talents and producing stuff that makes you feel incredibly happy, you can self-rejuvenate AND help others at the same time.

That’s why I challenge you to throw stellar value into the web based upon your unique talents. Begin producing as much as you consume. But here’s the caveat… Only produce content/vids/products that inspire YOU.

Here are some unique talents of Mad Producers that meet deep community needs from my eyes:

Kimberly Sena Moore
Clean, clear explanation of music & brain meets uninformed and misunderstood ideas.
Answers to private practice meets those who cannot make it to conferences, those who need info online now.

Meryl Brown
Mom + Music therapist meets those lonely music therapist moms who think they are alone.

Michelle Erfurt
BoomTotes meet those who use boomwhackers and need to transport them from place to place.

Rachel Rambach
Song machine meets those who love to play but do not write original music.

Roia Rafieyan
A music therapist’s self reflection and deep personal evaluation meets other music therapists who think they are alone.

Matt Logan
Technology and student relations meet hip, cool students and interns who are tech/online savvy.

Bill Matney
Therapeutic potential of drumming traditions meets music therapist who needs to access and learn about indigenous drumming traditions.

Sarah Sendlbeck
Intern wisdom and practical tips meet interns who feel isolated, alone, and devoid of peer community.
Intern eclecticism meets music therapist who needs a fresh perspective.

Michelle Strutzel
Clever session ideas meet students, interns, and pros who need refreshment and new ideas.

Mine would be arranging music meets the music ed community devoid of pop song arrangements for boomwhackers. Or maybe drumming with older adults meets those who would like to utilize drumming to connect with their clients.


Advocacy is an organic by-product of your own stellar value that is produced. Agree? Disagree? Do tell.

[Then quit reading this, and go produce some awesome content!]

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