I have to say, the town hall meeting with the ETAB (Education and Clinical Training Board) at the WRAMTA conference last weekend got pretty hot and loaded… in a good way. Closed doors with little air circulation made it hot. Packed house and standing-room-only made it loaded.

I’m so glad that the ETAB is touring around from regional conference to regional conference, listening to the concerns and questions of AMTA members across the country.

There’s been lots of talk on Facebook about it. Other bloggers are expressing their opinions as well.

Masters level Entry Music Therapy

I won’t beat the dead horse by making a million points about why we should or should not do it. Besides, I’m practicing minimalism these days.

My only big-picture concern is numbers. Our profession is so small. Will requiring a masters degree make our numbers dwindle, while already it’s so difficult to match supply with demand of our services?

Only time will tell. BUT, you have a unique opportunity.

You can directly contact the ETAB by leaving a comment and/or question with the links listed here. Make sure you scroll to the bottom. And check out this document I stumbled upon, which expresses the concerns of Michael Silverman, PhD, MT-BC.

That’s it! Voice your opinion and let them know what you really think. Here’s your chance. The link to ETAB is http://www.musictherapy.org/careers/ctindex/

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