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Simply Be Well, Feel Good, and Make Music has arrived to inspire you, your friends, and your clients to make some music!

If you are a music therapist or drum circle facilitator, then feel free to use the information in the eBook for your offerings of education, marketing, advocacy, and session material!

Here are some highlights of the eBook:

1. The rhythmic feng shui photos make this eBook. Naturally, I have instruments all over my home, so when I feel a music-making experience coming on, there are no barriers in my way! One of the easiest ways to incorporate active music-making experiences into one’s life is to decorate the environment with music. Each page of the ebook includes a photo such as a cow bell on the stove, two bamboo flutes at the bedside, a gong on the patio, and more.

A very special thanks goes to my friends Jessie and Ian for letting me borrow their home for the photo shoot!

2. I’ve included ideas about perspective during the practice of making music. Of course, we all know someone who thinks he/she doesn’t have rhythm. But a new Rhythma-culture has been born (thanks, Arthur Hull). This eBook is just another drop in the music & wellness bucket. There’s no wrong way to play, and everybody has rhythm.

3. I’ve included inspirational stories about people making music. If self-expression could be boxed inside of a television, the channels would be unlimited. Read about a few individuals and their journey in making music.

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