This post is not about making music. It’s not about making anything. It’s not about doing anything. It’s not about taking any actions. It’s not about hard work, sacrifice, diligence, drive, ambition, motivation, productivity, or efficiency. I’m erasing those words from my vocabulary today.

This post is about being the music.

Living the music.

Embodying the music.

Sometimes the best teachers are the worst real-life examples. Have you ever noticed? Maybe because they are putting all their energy into empathizing with the student/client.

They have the knowledge and know-how, but they don’t actually implement themselves.

I truly believe that there’s no wrong way. I’m simply stating my observation.

I’ll admit that most of my best teachers have been able to hit my most difficult pain-points and articulate my biggest dreams.

And so I wonder… if the teachings are meant to prevent/solve these pain-points and help me reach my biggest dreams, then the teacher must know intimately what those pain-points are. The teacher must know intimately what the biggest dreams are. But if the teacher is living in those pain-points and biggest dreams, then are they embodying what I want to embody? What do I want to embody?

Maybe I have more to learn from those who are beyond the pain-points and big dreams.

Maybe I would like a teacher who lives, eats, and breathes my aspirations. Maybe I need a teacher who sees the big dreams and pain-points as miniscule details in the grand scheme. Maybe I need a teacher who knows nothing about big dreams and pain-points.

Maybe I need a teacher who lives as the music and simply answers my questions, instead of teaching me material.

How does this all transfer to music therapy?

Maybe our clients need what we need every once in a while. Maybe our clients need us to best serve our own needs, too. Maybe our clients need us to stay as healthy as possible in our own minds and bodies. Maybe our clients get tired of watching us live in their pain-points and biggest dreams too often.

Maybe our clients don’t always benefit from our empathy, especially if the empathy is a constant presence.

Maybe our clients need us to embody the music.

This post was a snippet of a stream of consciousness at 11:45PM after a delightful conversation with my friend Draza Jansky.

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