I’m not talking “minimize” as in making it unimportant ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m talking “minimize” as in making it SIMPLE!

As a music therapist and business owner, I have a GINORMOUS amount of instruments, mail, paperwork, post-its full of the millions of ideas I come up with on commutes… It usually finds itself scattered about my home. I need solutions.

A couple holidays ago, I remember arguing with with my mom (who I love and adore) about keeping grade school report cards, perfect attendance awards, 1st prize science award ribbons, and similar “stuff.” I am adamantly against it. (Sorry Mom, I still am.) Throw it out! Why let it linger and infiltrate your current, exciting, fun life as you know it NOW?

Here’s one of my most favorite questions I use in all aspects of my life: How does this [insert any old item that takes up physical, emotional or mental space] serve me NOW? (The item could be a delinquent client, a self-destructive habit like speeding or other ticket-attracting behaviors, or just extra stuff in the house.)

We’ve already established that self-care is important before taking care of others, so how does X, Y, and Z serve me in my personal and professional wellness right now at this point in my evolution as a human on earth?

Plus, I cashed in on the Only72 sale for bloggers, I started reading Everett Bogue’s Minimalist series, and I am inspired.

How do these boomwhackers with hair dryer strewn about the floor serve me NOW? Boomwhackers, be gone!



Again, I ask: How does this ridiculous swamp of papers, trash, and piles of junk serve me NOW? Kitchen, be clean!



One more time, I ask: How does this jungle of madness in my workspace serve me NOW? Corner of my office, tidy thyself!



Ah. Much better. I plan to continue the minimalist rampage. You should see the Goodwill, recycling, and trash bags on the patio!

The point is, all we could ever possibly need comes from within. Drums, art, dance, music, paperwork, stuff, politics, hobbies, trades, occupations, facebook, cars — they’re all just tools. We’re born with what we need, and we die with what we need! On with the minimalism, and I’ll keep you updated.

One final note: Minimalism also pertains to daily life. All these books on efficiency and productivity, making time matter, making the most of X Y and Z, how to come up with more ideas… no thanks.

I am damn productive, every second of life is sacred, and my mind explodes with ideas. I want to unveil my potential for having even more time to be completely non-productive. And so begins my voyage NOW. Thank you for being witness to my next adventure.

How do YOU manage your life and wellness practice? With minimalism? Other?

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