Never before seen on YouTube OR Rhythm For Good…. Michael Franti on Boomwhackers®!

If you missed the first go-around of Online Zennn, then you probably missed this sah-weet video of Michael Franti on Boomwhackers. I had only published this video on the special Zennn launch site back in August, but NOW you can check it on YouTube and right here, safe and sound, at Rhythm For Good.

We’ve got Online Zennn enrollment open until next Monday, January 30 ONLY. After this one, the next fully-supported course is in 2013. So if you’re remotely interested, then make sure you jump on it NOW!

Do you have questions about the course? Scroll down for the Q&A Conference Call.

Happy Music Making Monday- Click play to watch the video, soak in the positive affirmations, then download the Boomwhacker® arrangement below!

The melody of this song (including the bridge) never escapes pentatonic.
That means, this song was MADE for you and your groups!
3 chords for the chorus make this arrangement easy.

Thank you, Michael Franti =)

Click here to download the complimentary boomwhacker arrangement
for I Love You on Boomwhackers.

Are you ready to be an Online Zennn Master? Here’s the link:

Conference Call Details
If you’ve never taken an online course before, then I can understand how foreign, strange, and daunting it must sound. I also understand if you’re concerned about time commitment. The good news is that it’s probably easier than you think, YOU get to choose your schedule with this course, and you can get CMTE credit from your sofa!

You can contact me now for an immediate response to your questions and/or join our Q&A Zennn=Clarity conference call.

Here are the details for Zennn=Clarity:
Wednesday, January 25 at 4PM Pacific / 7PM Eastern.
Call in at 1-218-862-6789 Type in conference code: 877294

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It's free. It's fun. It's fantastic =) It's literally the most popular resource I've ever published out in the interwebs! You'll love it.

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