I had a BLAST at #AMTA14! Thank you for the memories and good times. AND, exciting news about my company’s little experiment called “Music Therapy Ed” – We have now surpassed 3,000 music therapists getting the Tuesday Shout-Out. (That’s only half the field, so we still have work to do.) If you haven’t jumped on that yet, then I highly recommend it – All your friends are doing it =)

Here’s a video of me facilitating LAST year’s #AMTA13 drum circle! How fun!

I’ve never revealed this before, but here goes: One of my mentors in school – to remain nameless – told me that I would never amount to anything as a music therapist. This person said that they had no idea how I ever got involved in this degree and the best thing might be to quit now. Find something else. The entire semester was a DRAG, and I dreaded having to meet up with this mentor. Not to mention… receive a GRADE! Oy.

Of course, I cried and carried on and worried… at the time 10 years ago. But honestly I just knew deep inside that I was on the right path. So I kept on going. It was so traumatic that I wrote an anonymous letter to the powers-that-be in our department, because I felt that this mentor was just plain mean in my evaluations and feedback. I couldn’t have tried any harder, and seriously I am a smart and “sweet” person. I must’ve hit a button in her or something, because later I realized that it wasn’t about me, my skills, my progress, my learning, etc… at ALL. In fact, it wasn’t even my business to know why this mentor railed me. I wasn’t the object of the railing.

All was made well with that person a couple years ago when we had a very warm discussion about it, by the way =)

But a similar thing happened in February of this year with a high-influencing colleague. It actually (shhh, don’t tell anyone) gave me HIVES! I had never had hives before. No details necessary, but the point is that this can happen no matter where you are in your professional development. And I definitely have more to learn about finding my Zen, and unwavering in my focus no matter what is said or thought by others. I think that sometimes the more your incredible dreams become a reality, the more risk of criticism. (Hate to say it, but it might be true… It’s safer to stay small, polite, and relatively unnoticed, right? What do YOU think?) But wait, this is the cool part —-

Here’s your magical Byron Katie moment.

Byron Katie taught me that if you experience anything like the above, then you’ll most likely start BELIEVING something about that person. Let’s say the belief is “She thinks I’m a bad person.” Articulate your belief as clearly as possible, ask yourself these questions about your belief, and you’ll come back to the Truth: (Forever gratitude to Byron Katie for teaching me)

1. Is it true?
2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true? Is there any evidence to refute it?
3. How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?
4. Who would you be without the thought?

Then take your belief, or our example (“She thinks I’m a bad person”), and turn it around 3 ways:

A. Turn it around to yourself: “I think I’m a bad person.” Meditate on that – Is that true?
B. Turn it around to the other: “I think she’s a bad person.” Meditate on that – Is that true?
C. Turn it around to the opposite: “She thinks I’m a good person.” Meditate on that – Is that true?

You can get deeper into this with Loving What is by Byron Katie – one of my most favorite books ever.

Here’s an awesome video of Giselle of Under Armour (married to Tom Brady), staying INSANELY focused no matter what everyone says about her on social media – good, bad, and ugly. SUPER thanks to my friend Draza for sharing this with me:

“Seeking love keeps you from the awareness that you already have it; you ARE it.” Byron Katie

I have a BIG vision for myself, my team, my community, my field, my world. I commit to my boldness, and making my very very gigantic dreams come true.

Additionally! I’m taking the 30-day self-care challenge with Ami Kunimura, MT-BC. You should join us!

Oh! And, did you take the quiz yet? There’s a secret webinar at the end by yours-truly. It’ll get you on the right track for 2015!

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