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As a fellow creative visionary, I feel as though I can help YOU make your creative vision for the world happen IRL (in real life), because I’ve done it for myself. So, tune in for more soon. Meanwhile…

Speaking opportunities, conference keynotes, presentations, and GROUP DRUMMING are rewarding AND effective. These are a couple of the smartest ways to leverage your time and reach more people as a creative business owner.

There are the day-to-day sessions that we provide as a private practice, and then there are those less-often higher paying opportunities that not only feed the soul, but also pay well. It fits well into our business model.

One of the best opportunities for facilitating drum circles is within Jewish communities…. especially for kids! Did you know that just about every Hebrew prayer has a MELODY? And, although melodies may change from congregation to congregation, at least you’ve got a rhythmic start.

Because of all the singing these kids do regularly, it was no wonder that they could keep a beat at the first go-around.

Here are my tips for doing it right:

1. Stay in close contact with the event coordinator and service leader.
I was assigned a service leader, a high schooler. He led the kids in chanting while queuing the drums to support the service. From our conversations, I learned a bit about Jewish mysticism… For this service we welcomed in the bride of Shabbat and the union between people and God.

2. Ask tons of questions, such as:
— What do you hope the group walks away with?
— How do you see the drum circle supporting our goals?
— Why did you choose a drum circle?
— What songs or melodies would you like for us to incorporate?
— What is the meaning for this religious service?
— Is this part of a weekend event?
— Will other congregants be present?
— How long is the service?
— Can the prayers be interrupted with drum calls?

From the answers to these questions, I was able to work with the service leaders in creating a plan. The plan included some powerful information that was important to the overarching flow, such as: Call & response was a symbol of our communication and connection with God. The theme of this service was Survivor, so bringing drums into the mix allowed for a tribal feel. They also gave me recordings of 9 of the chants that they used, so I could get a feel for the rhythm and learn the beginnings.

3. Take a stand for the way that the drum circle will support the goals.

For instance: In the beginning I told the organizers that I would not bring 125 drums. We would use tons of small percussions to fill in the rhythm and make the music more interesting. The way I described it was “We don’t want a WALL of sound, instead we want an ebb and flow of music.” And it totally made sense, especially after I explained that everyone would get a chance to play. WIN!

Another for instance: The organizers wanted all the kids on ONE side of the temple, all facing the same direction. I suggested that we take up half the temple with half the kids facing north and half the kids facing south so that they could see each other. WIN!

Another for instance: We devised a solid plan for passing out and packing up utilizing 20 volunteers. We also had these guys serve as monitors through the service to model the rhythms and chants. WIN!

4. Study Dave Holland’s work and DVDs like crazy. Arthur Hull is great for foundational drum circle work, then get into Dave’s world for all things KIDS!

5. Follow up, stay afterwards, and make friends. Just because I stayed afterwards, I will be drumming with a sister congregation in the future =)

Shabbat Shalom! What are YOUR tips for drumming with kids?

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