Personal news: My car was broken into Saturday night, and my iPod Touch was stolen! Who knew my car would be broken into while I attended a wedding in a town of population <7,500? But, all is well now, and I’m only out $165 for the replacement window plus $230 for the iPod Touch. Not too bad, and I’m guessing they needed that iPod Touch more than I.

On the other hand, the wedding was lovely, and dinner was delicious!

(By the way, at iPod Touch is just like an iPhone without the phone.) I haven’t replaced my iPod Touch yet, but I’m tempted to go for the iPhone. We’ll see what happens! In the meantime, here are some apps (with their respective demonstrations) that I’m looking forward to revisiting:

Everyday Looper (a *must* have!) & White Noise ~ Check out the cat purring sound!

Ocarina – Blow into the iPhone to play this ancient flute

Pocket Bhangra – Play this cool Indian rhythm

Voice Band – Turn your voice into instruments

Music Challenge – Trivia questions based upon your music library


BingMusic – Suggests the most popular 100 songs per year for the last 62 years
Sound Match – Audio version of the “concentration” game for children
Guitar ToolKit – Includes a tuner and other goodies for your guitar
Cleartune Chromatic Tuner – Another tuner

Credits: I’ve been collecting suggestions from music therapists on the listserv, Becky I., Rachel Rambach’s Review, Cheryl H., and Wade at Time for Music.

Which apps do *you* think I should use when I get an iPhone?

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