Here’s a common concern: If we put too much of our heads in, then we lose the heart, soul, and magic of it all. So, we lose our heads instead. ๐Ÿ˜‰


I’m determined to debunk that idea.

The TRUTH is that the more magic appears, the more impactful science becomes. The more intelligence mixed in, the more powerful the mystical becomes.

Have you ever noticed that the more knowledge we acquire about the universe, the more UNANSWERED QUESTIONS reveal themselves?

That is, the more information becomes KNOWN, the more UNKNOWN comes into our awareness. And of course, we don’t know what we don’t know, and that’s often when the impossible becomes possible. You with me?

If you are a heart-based business owner, I implore you to add more science to your magic. Add more intellect to your emotion. =) The more you can mix them up, and have them dancing together – even UNIFY them, the more fun you’ll have.

Tweet this: When you add more science, you spark more passion. Don’t be afraid to mix in metrics with your heart-based endeavors.

2 quick tips to add more science to your business magic:

1. Create and build a LIST. Whether it’s emails, or in a spreadsheet, or a rolodex of business cards. It’s so important to keep track of people who have expressed interest in what you do, but have yet to become a referral source or client.

2. Track your time. Measure how much time you spend personally connecting with decision-makers, VERSUS time you spend perfecting your marketing materials. The person on the receiving end of those materials need nurturing, usually more than the materials themselves!

The magical thing about STRATEGY (e.g. the two points above) is that it opens up the dance floor for your heart and head to get to know each other. =) I LOVE strategy.

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Now, put your head back on that drum, and play on! Do your head and heart dance together in your business? =) Kat

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