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Happy Music Makin Monday! I received an awesome question from Scott in Portland for this week’s video. He is in a rhythm-based communication class! How cool is that? I mention my friends over at Marylhurst University, the upcoming Health Rhythms training, and I play two fun little rhythms at the end for drumming with older adults.

Click play to get the goods:

Click to tweet: Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease. ~Hippocrates

Register for the Health Rhythms training here. Deadline for this training is February 1st!

Check out my friend Megan Resig who works at Marylhurst University in Portland here.

Whew – That’s a lot to chew on! Now, I’d be stoked if you could help Scott by sharing YOUR input in a comment below. Do you have answers to his question? What are your ideas on drumming with older adults?

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