During the spring of 2016 through the fall, there were some heavy, traumatic events that happened in my life. It wasn’t just one event, and it wasn’t only business or only personal. It was one event on top of another, on top of another, and a few more beyond that.

There was a point when my husband Matt and I looked at each other and just said “What the heck is going on here?” Eventually our coping skill was “More stress EQUALS more kisses.” And boy did I ever need those kisses . . .

I’m so thankful for my very calm, easy life now. I can look back with hindsight and see the angels who helped me along the way. I can see the times that God winked quietly to offer brief comfort. And I can feel how last year shifted my perspective on life FOREVER.

While it doesn’t serve you or me to get into the details of the events, I DO want to share what matters most: the physical symptoms those arose from this wave emotional trauma. If I act as my own witness, then *that* is the most fascinating part of my most recent crazy adventure.

Emotions turn Physical

I’m not sure what kind of voodoo was going on, but I could literally *feel* the trauma in my body. It caused varying degress of physical symptoms, from extreme fatigue and sadness to all-out panic attacks, hyperventilating, heart palpitations, and involuntary trembling.

I have no doubt that many of my past clients know exactly what this feels like. And it’s likely that if you’re reading this post, then YOU know exactly what this is like. I’ve felt degrees of emotions in my body in the past. But I had never experienced something that lasted so long, that was so uncontrollable.

What Scared Me the Most

What scared me the most is that after days and weeks passed by, I was still unable to “get myself together.” I’m a high performer. I’m productive on the daily, efficient as all-get-out, and take my work very seriously. But I couldn’t keep it together. I couldn’t sit at the computer to type without my hands trembling. I couldn’t call someone on the phone without bursting into tears or hyperventilating.

I did something I rarely do — Ask for help. I remember the day I wrote the Facebook message to about 5 of my girlfriends. It was a tremendously vulnerable time. I was nervous, but I was also at my wits end.

I had such wonderful immediate support from them, and I feel so grateful for each of those women. One woman in particular – Ellen – offered me a Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) session. I quickly accepted and we scheduled a session right away.

The Healing Experience

I’ve experienced GIM before, but this session was unlike anything I’ve ever felt in my life. First she offered me a choice between 2 essential oils. She asked me to pick the one that gave me a stronger reaction – good OR bad. I chose a blend called “surrender.” She instructed me to swirl it between my hands, and inhale deeply a few times. Then I lied down for the guided imagery and toning bowls.

Talk about a multi-sensory event! All angles were involved: aromatic, vibratory, tactile, auditory, cognitive, subconscious . .  .  .  .

I was taken on a journey with vivid imagery. The imagery that came was me walking through a gorgeous green meadow, feeling the dewdrops on my feet with every step. An animal appeared – It was a horse-sized pure white cat. It played with me, protected me, and made me feel stronger while I pranced around with it. There were many other things going on in my sub-conscious that are difficult to put into words. It was profound.

It took me many months to decipher that experience. I left Ellen’s studio feeling only slightly better. But what helped me the most over the next handful of days and weeks was the blend with which Ellen sent me home. Healing from trauma doesn’t usually happen over night. After the session, I continued to have trembling, crying, hyperventilating, and heart palpitations.

When the symptoms arose over the next few days, Ellen instructed me to dab the SARA blend into my hands, swirl them together, and inhale a few times until the symptoms passed. It didn’t always make the symptoms go away, but it gave me a chance to check in with myself and determine what my body needed. Perhaps I needed a bath, or nap, or food, or heating pad, or a walk. I used the SARA blend as a tool to pause, connect with myself, and nurture myself in a deep way. It was my accountability partner, my witness, my companion, and my healer. But truly, it helped me see that I am my own healer.

I could go on and on. Here’s the deal: Essential oils are not some magic potion. The purpose is not to count on the oils or any other tool for that matter, to provide instant CURES. The purpose is to use the oils to tap into your own healing power within.

That’s the beauty of natural remedies. Find out why essential oils are uniquely powerful to support various systems in the body!

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