I just returned from a weekend in LA with some really fabulous music therapists who all reside in the West. We were planning a conference in Tempe, AZ for spring of 2013. If you can join us, that would be excellent! We’ll have more information available for you here as the weeks roll along.

Otherwise, everything else is hunky dory. I’m going to bring drums and boomwhackers to Camp Kesem this summer. In our Advisory Board meeting for the camp, I learned that they needed a Mad Scientist. So, my boyfriend is coming along to perform an hour of Mad Scientist tricks, too!

Here’s a little window into what we’ll be doing at camp. I dance and rap for you in the video. Just for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

Click play to see me look ridiculous!

Here are the words to the chant:
We’re Camp Kesem, we have fun.
Laughing playing in the sun.
Camp Kesem is the place to be.
We’ve got magic, 1 2 3!

We are Camp Kesem…

What do you do for body percussion? Got vids? Got ideas? Lay ’em on me in a comment below!

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