[I’m writing this from the Kat Cave while I work on a huge project. If you have photos of your cat in a cave, I’d love to post them to my blog with your permission =) Please send them to kat at soundhealthmusic dot com. Thanks!]

Super thanks to Noel Anderson for this cutey kitty in Roanoke, VA!

Schrödinger in Roanoke, VA

Schrödinger in Roanoke, VA

Today’s post is dedicated to my dad, after Father’s Day. He told me once that he always wanted to be a rock-n-roll drummer. He would’ve been a perfect fit for Buddy Holly’s band I think.

In the video is my friend, neighbor, and fellow music therapist Cami Smith. She’s got great fiddle chops. Click play to get inspired . . .

Cami’s band is hitting TONS of cities in August. Please click here to check out their tour schedule, and go check them out LIVE if they are hitting your city.

Little known fact: I played the double bass in orchestra for 3 years in college. It was SO fun to play in the orchestra! I have great memories of being on stage, holding on to that gigantic stringed instrument. We played Tchaikovsky, Sibelius, Mozart, and more.

Have you ever played in a band or ensemble before? Do you now?

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