Dear readers, thank you so much for such a great response to Music Makin Mondays. Your kind, generous, and open input has given me clarity like I’ve never experienced before.

Consistency is something I take very seriously with my online business. I think it’s essential to provide high quality content that helps people, answers questions, provokes discussion, advocates for music therapy, and educates the public in general.

I’m totally dedicated to offering something free, new, and awesome every Monday. And, I love throwing ideas out there!

For all those reasons, we’re keeping Music Makin Mondays a regular thing! But for the next few weeks, I’ll be doing more writing than videoing from… the KAT-CAVE!

Kat Cave

Oh boy. I have some videos in the queue that I cannot *wait* to show you… one mad fiddler, one insane pandeiro player, several compelling Q&As. But look out for mostly written posts for a few weeks. I’m involved in a separate project in the KAT-CAVE that requires 90% of my online attention right now.

When you see this project launch, you might faint.

Or maybe I will.

Or maybe your c(K)at will.

Brace yourself for an unbelievable amount of expertise coming from incredibly intelligent and talented leaders in music therapy. ( Tweet that.)

That sentence deserves a line all to itself.

I’m humbled. The word “brilliant” does not quite capture what I’ve been witnessing from our colleagues in preparation for this new project.

You can click here to get first dibs on a video “How Music Therapy Ed is giving back in a BIG way” as soon as it comes out next Wednesday.

Otherwise, if you have any photos of your cat(s) in a cat-cave (or under the covers), please oh please send them to me to Kat at SoundHealthMusic dot com! I need some photos for the next few weeks of blog posts =)

Thank you for your support, readership, and general awesomeness. You ROCK! =)
Signing off from the KAT-CAVE,

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