Hello readers! It would be a disservice to you if I did NOT tell you about this online business school coming up. I was enrolled last summer, and I’ve got Forever Access, so I am thrilled to be taking it again.

I hear in a lot of forums and listservs about how music therapists wish they had gotten business training in school.

Well, here is your chance, and it’s a stellar opportunity! Scroll down to find out about the free CMTEs you will receive upon enrollment.

This program and ALL the classmates I met while taking the course have helped me succeed in . . .

  1. Fulfilling deep needs within the music therapy community
  2. Seeking out others who are fun, motivated business people who have their hearts in the right place
  3. Honoring and respecting my clients in ways that I had never imagined before
  4. Helping more people, providing crucial resources, and inspiring others … all from my Facebook page (Check the new tabs over there! Those are thanks to connections from this course. Yup.)
  5. Creating a balance between my day-to-day team who serves San Diego and my online business serving YOU
  6. Running the Online Zennn course which is a self-study right now with an active, healthy FB forum community of smart music therapists running their websites
  7. Getting mad testimonials for Online Zennn
  8. Running the gong contest and my birthday giveaway (Notice how I can extract testimonials from those too?)
  9. Finding the. best. designers. ever.
  10. Finding the best web developer to make my new sites look stellar
  11. Finding another awesome web developer who is working on a behind the scenes freebie on this site that will make your mouth water when it launches
  12. Learning all sorts of techie things from my awesome classmates and course contributors.

I could go on and on, but let me get to the point~

How hard will you have to work? If you know me, then you know I am an efficiency maniac and I’m obsessed with productivity. I work hard, but I play hard, too. So, I’m not saying that you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and chill out through the course. No, you need to designate a project to work on for the duration of the course, then get it done in the course. Whether it’s your entire business or a specific smaller project. You’ll need to get ready to get serious (in a fun, playful way).

What if I’ve been in business for a long time? What if I’m new? Whether you are a seasoned business professional or a beginner, if you’d like to see your business grow, then this course is great for you. I cannot even describe to you how invaluable the connections have been for me from this course. There are so many people in this course who are incredibly successful with their businesses, it’s mad-inspiring. And they are all making it through this “new world” of web-based business communication like a bunch of champs.

The course kicked my business into high-gear fast because I was able to take action on all the directives as they came throughout the 8-weeks and 6-modules.

If you are ready to kick your business into high-gear, then I truly believe this course will help you get there with SOLID support along the way. I want everyone around me, including YOU as you read this post to be incredibly successful in life and business.

That’s why I’m recommending B-School.

Best part of this? Natalie Mullis and I are collaborating to offer you some free CMTEs if you sign up through our links. Keep reading . . .

Here’s the deal for enrolling in the course: We get a commission if you purchase the course through our special links when enrollment opens on May 11. We will give you the bonuses listed below if you click through our links. BUT you absolutely *have* to make sure you click on our link IMMEDIATELY before your purchase. You can use the links listed here OR on Nat’s website. It’s all the same.

If you purchase through our special enrollment links May 11 or thereafter, then we will give you these FREE bonuses:

  1. Enrollment in Online Zennn self study (15 CMTEs), which means you get Forever-Access, and you will be enrolled for the LIVE course in 2013. (Current Zennn Masters will receive a refund for their previous purchase + CMTEs whether they paid for them or not last time.) Join our growing community of music therapists claiming their online territory and working the web!
  2. Full-access to my new Online Business – Best Practices for Music Therapists beta-version course (3 CMTEs)
  3. Getting Local With Natalie– 30 minute brain picking session on how you can up your local business!

Click here before enrolling:
and you’ll get the bonuses.

The image below is Marie’s humor and personality, but don’t be fooled. While her course is loads of fun, it is also step-by-step, deep, extremely thorough, and just plain smart & savvy for online business. She has really raised the bar online.

I truly, deeply believe in this training program. Visit Marie Forleo’s regular site to determine whether it’s a good fit for you or not. She has an addictive youtube channel, and a fun personality. If you’re anything like me, then you’ll love her from the get-go.

That covers it from my end! Now as Marie would say: Put your big girl panties on, and

Go sign up.

Let me know if you have any questions at all. Leave a comment below or contact me.

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