Just like drumming and other healing arts, essential oils can be very powerful during times of crisis and tragedy. We use drumming to create ritual. And we can use essential oils to do the same. In light of the tragedy that took place in Las Vegas, I’d love to share some tips on using essential oils for healing – These tips can be used in self-care AND with your clients. It’s especially helpful if you are an empath, one who takes on the emotions of others.

1) Place 2 drops of calming oil (lavender, peace & calming, copaiba, ylang ylang) in to your hand. Place your hands over your nose. Breathe in deeply 3 times.

2) Share the breathing technique with a friend to bring centeredness to those around you. Do you have contact with first responders? Use this technique with first responders and their peer supporters.

3) Place 2 drops of release onto the bottoms of your feet. (Liver section via vita flex feet chart)

4) Place 2 drops of joy onto your heart.

Take the time for yourself to ground and center and love on yourself, cherishing every breath that we share together on this planet.

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4 Steps To Integrate Essential Oils Into Your Work

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