???? Here’s how I used imagery, affirmations, essential oils, music and pets to be well, and tend to my mental health the week after my mom died. Preface-this was not smooth or perfect:

???? I doused myself in Valor to burst open my confidence in playing the organ for my mom’s funeral. My mantra with each inhale: “This isn’t about me. This is my Higher Power working through me to honor my mom.” ???? And THEN, the sounds of the organ washed me clean and nourished me. I practiced this imagery to stay in the zone all week. When fear crept into my organ-playing visualizations, I used Valor to firm up the physical embodiment of confidence associated with the sounds of the organ.

???? I practically bathed in Joy (an awesome grief oil) and placed it on my heart every. single. day. My mantra: “I walk into every situation with a soft, open heart and my peace bubble protecting me.”

???? Matt set up a webcam to keep track of our critters. ???????? Watching them sunbathe and saunter around our place helped me feel peaceful.

Whenever I used essential oils or engaged in prayer or playing music or ???? even thought about our critters, I used imagery that removed ME from the equation. (Like the NERVOUS ME that is stressed and anxious and terrified.)

????‍♀️ Wanna try it? If you can imagine you are a vehicle that, when maintained at optimal levels, you are able to download information from God and let it run through you to do its work in the world. It flows through you at just the right speed and volume, in the most balanced way, energizing you the channel as much as it energizes outward receptors.

???? That’s my favorite imagery! As the channel, the pressure is off ME or my ego, and it’s motivating to be well in body and mind. And when I work myself into that type of focus while deeply inhaling Valor, ???? apparently I hit the right notes on the organ.

Gotta keep the channels clean and clear!  There’s much more work I did this week with boundaries. That’s for another time. The Human Experience: what a trip. ♥️

I’m so thankful for my sweet fb friends who have been so supportive… beyond belief ????????????

The image above describes a long-term oils option for grief processing. What I personally love about Young Living essential oils is the powerful therapeutic effect that they have on the brain. 

When we inhale an oil, the molecules attach themselves to the receptor sites in the nose and stimulate the Limbic System. The Limbic System is responsible for our emotions, stress response, rest/digest, and more. Present in the Limbic System is a gland called the Amygdala. It was discovered in 1989 that the Amygdala plays a huge role in the storing and releasing of emotional trauma. The only way to stimulate the gland is with aroma or sense of smell. Therefore, essential oils are a powerful key to unlocking and releasing stored trauma. 

Below I’ve listed oils (for each stage of grief) that provide support and help us move through the grieving process. 

1. DENIAL- Roman Chamomile, Transformation & Awaken

2. ANGER- since anger is stored in the liver, the Release blend placed over the liver (or vita flex point) is very effective especially when combined with Juvaflex. Peace & Calming and Geranium may help calm feelings of anger 

3. BARGAINING- Blend equal parts Peppermint & Ginger in a diffuser or nasal inhaler and breathe often. 

4. DEPRESSION- Diffuse one of the following or a combo: Lemon, Orange, Frankincense, Lavender, Joy (Joy over the heart❤️Amazing)

5. ACCEPTANCE- Frankincense, Acceptance, Orange, Coriander may be intuitively diffused or blended in a rollerball with carrier oil.

Everyone processes grief differently, therefore it’s important to tune into your intuition and choose oils that feel right for you. There are other combinations, and I’ve had to experiment to find what works best for me. Frankincense is one of my favorites due to its powerful healing. 

I have found that combining oils with mantras to be even more powerful. One mantra that I use for grief and loss is : 

” I understand that grief is a natural process and I’m letting it flow through me. I am focusing on a future of love and acceptance, and I know that it’s okay to feel my feelings.”

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