Holy cannoli. It was killing me to have to pick ONE winner for the gong. Killing me. You are all simply amazing.

I believe in all of you. I believe in the power of your dreams, wishes, and prayers. You are fully supported by me and the entire rest of the world. Fully supported.

By going through the exercise of targeting your biggest challenges, dreaming of the gong, and sweeping through the New Year on your victory chariot, I assure you that INCREDIBLE things are coming at you in 2012. Prepare yourself for prosperity and abundance.

Let’s give a HUGE thankful shout-out to West Music for making this all possible. Can you believe the generosity?

Comments like these just go to show the bright light that 2012 has in store for you:

Hey, if I don’t win, this is inspiring as all get up and I’ve absolutely loved filling this in!!!

I have many instruments and I have never even given much thought to acquiring a gong………how awesome to have this come into my awareness.

Even if I don’t win the gong I feel like I have found a new area of interest that I would like to explore further!

A non-entry occupational therapist even emailed me (used with permission):

I am a pediatric occupational therapist and work with severe and profound MR kids as well as autistic kids in the public school system. Had facilitation training with Arthur Hull and Remo health rhythms and studied djembe for two years with a teacher from Senegal… Your video online inspired me to purchase a gong! Hope to work it in with the bag of tricks to make things fun.

Take the inspiration and run.

By the way, how awesome is our community? Music therapists, expressive artists, drum circle facilitators, rhythm lovers. My hope is that the #GongLove creates an even greater wave of community awareness and support for each other on Facebook, Twitter, offline… I hope you get to know each other by writing notes of encouragement when you feel inspired. And now for the big moment…

The Grand Prize winner of the gong is…

Kellee Coviak – This is a woman of clarity. She knows precisely what her challenges are, and she knows exactly how to overcome. (All in less than 100 words, too!) She is deeply deserving of a brand new, shiny gong for the New Year.

Congratulations Kellee! Woo hoo!

So, here’s the deal. Many of your responses were so amazing that I couldn’t just pick one winner. My new Intro to Toning class goes perfectly with our theme of strike-the-gong-for-wellness, and I think you’re gonna dig it! These contestants win a free spot in my new class.

Additional winners are…

Deborah Masterson – Beautiful, eloquent response. No doubt this beautiful Hawaiian understands rhythm-based wellness in and out.

Gabby Banzon – I’ve never met a student with so much self-awareness. Blew me away.

Michelle Lasco – Spoken from a caring, uber-loving heart.

Erin Bullard – This mom has got some clarity and balance comin’ her way! I’m a huge supporter of yoga-drum.

Sue Ann Gleason – I’m joining her in sending light and love to over-worked, under-paid staff people in assisted living.

Lisa Barnett – I can just tell… she is creative!

Please give the winners some love in the comments below! =)

Thanks for all of your incredible support in 2011. And I’ll keep bringing you creative, fun ways to interact, shake things up, and get inspired into 2012. The best way to stay connected is by signing up for the newsletter. Then you’ll never miss a beat from me!

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