I use this exercise with many groups. I encourage you to integrate music into your self-care routine. Every morning, I invite you to brush your teeth, wash your face,  create your own relaxation drum beat to play with, and actively engage in this exercise! The peace and calmness you feel will last throughout the entire day.

Before playing, please remember that there is no judgment in drumming for health. This is all about the process, not at all about the product. There are no mistakes, there are only opportunities to be YOU, practice your freedom of expression, and share your spirit.

Prepare: If you have a small frame drum at home, hold it in your lap either face down or on its side. The face down position is directed toward the earth while the side position is directed toward the air and sky. If you don’t have a drum at home, feel free to engage in gentle body percussion instead. You can make up your own movement and rhythm in the process. Use your hands to gently pat different areas of your body, make sounds by stomping your feet, or use your voice and mouth for rhythm.

Center Yourself: Find a comfortable spot to sit or stand, and take a few deep breaths. Become aware of your feelings, thoughts, surroundings, desires, and let them go.

Be Present and Drum: When you are ready, play. Play anything. Bring your awareness to the rhythm while letting go of any self-judgment or criticism. Instead of imagining the rhythms coming from you, imagine the rhythms moving through you. Play. Your rhythms are an extension of you, your community, and our global community. Enjoy. Bring what you have to give to the drum, and take what you need. Play in the moment.

Savor: After your drumming excursion, take a few moments of silence to allow the rhythms to permeate through your body, mind, and spirit. Take this moment with you through the day, and remember that which you already know!

I provide regular workshops and classes on drumming for wellness. Contact me to drum with your group!

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