Today’s Kat Cave photo is by Christine Ockenfels in Pheonix. Isn’t Milos the CUTEST??

Milos in Phoenix

Milos in Phoenix

Over at Why I Love To Make Mistakes, Gina mentioned she has trouble deciding what inspired actions to take when there are so many from which to choose. Gina, I hear you, girl! I’ve been in that boat, too.

If you have so many ideas that you don’t know which one to take, or if you’ve ever experienced OVERWHELM, this post is for you.

When I have too many options that my head spins, I ask myself these questions before deciding which road to take:

  1. Is it aligned with my life purpose? This question is the question that trumps all the rest. If your idea is outside of what your life purpose is, then scrap it immediately. In order to know your life purpose, lots of soul-searching is required. Plus, your life purpose may change over time. Whether you know it or not, be patient and loving to yourself. Pat yourself on the back. This can be a hard question to answer.

  3. Does my gut say “yes”? If you say your idea out loud, and you feel your back straightening out, your head looking upwards, and your shoulders moving back, then your gut is saying YES . . . even if you feel scared.
    On the other hand, if you feel your shoulders caving in and your whole body curling up, then your gut is saying “no.” I learned that from Marie Forleo.

  5. If the idea is for business, is it profitable? We music therapists have a huge advantage among business owners. Sometimes business owners tend to be in their business for money only. To this day, I have never met a music therapist who is in business just for the money! We are ALL heart and compassion! 😉
    So, we music therapists often need to exercise our muscle that asks “Wait a minute, will this idea return an exchange in value that helps ME prosper?” Yes, we need to take care of ourselves first so that we can take care of others. That way, we can provide stellar treatment to our clients. We deserve to be well. Our clients deserve our best selves. That means that if you are not making a profit, then you are not running a business. And you are doing your clients a disservice.

  7. Is it scalable and/or efficient? Don’t give yourself more work than necessary. Is there a way to take your idea and reach more people? Is there a way to replicate your idea and use it over and over with many different people?

  9. Does it enrich my life and help me grow? Think of these aspects of life: Financial Health, Physical Health, Emotional Health, Mental Health, Relationship Health, Intimate Health, Family Health. How does my idea help me grow these parts of my life?

  11. Does it challenge me in a positively-growing-kind-of-way? This one reminds me of an ex-boyfriend. He challenged me so much that I felt my confidence sink when I was around him. That’s not the right kind of challenge. The right kind of challenge allows us to feel vulnerable without losing self-respect. The right challenge allows us to learn new things and evolve over time, while acknowledging the beauty of our less-evolved former-selves.

How do YOU handle overwhelm? I think this is a common issue that comes up for creative thinkers, and no doubt music therapists and drum circle facilitators…

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