Last week, the Wall Street Journal contacted me about a phone interview for an article on music and dementia. I was pretty floored, excited, happy, nervous, and more. The American Music Therapy Association was the first point of reference, and I highly recommend becoming an active member if you are a music therapist.

Music and Dementia

I figured it was worth writing home about, so I wrote an email to my Dad. First he replied with a congrats email, then he had a secondary response. You see, my siblings consist of an accountant/Marine-war-vet/business-owner, an MBA/computer-programmer/physics-major, an engineer/Marine, and then there’s me the oddball musician (and the only one to move out to California from The Deep South, the only one who is left-handed, the one known as the “delicate leaf” in the family and quite a bit sensitive). Here’s my dad’s secondary response~

Music and dementia

That’s my Dad, the jokester =) Not so sure I’m a business person just yet, but I’m working on it.

The Wall Street Journal article is entitled “Don’t Write Off Dementia Patients,” and here’s how it starts:

Watching a loved one with dementia reach the final stages is heartbreaking. But you don’t have to give up on maintaining a meaningful connection with that person. Read the entire Wall Street Journal article…

The author Ms. Gerencher did a wonderful job putting the article together. She interviewed me for an hour! The only detail I would change is that families can offer music in a supportive way to loved ones (without a doubt!), but “music therapy” specifically is facilitated by professionals. I’m sending much gratitude to Ms. Gerencher for reaching out to American Music Therapy Association and the music therapy community for this article!

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