I had the pleasure of interviewing Danny “SlapJazz” Barber in San Diego. He’s a phenomenal body percussionist and jaw harpist. He’s played with dozens of recordings artists… including Ziggy Marley! He’s a genuine, nice guy, who feels like a close friend after only a couple of meetings.

Danny will be at the International Body Music Festival in November

Here’s what’s in store for you:
1:14 How Danny got started with hambone
2:25 Mini-workshop for simple hambone
4:00 SlapJazz improvises a hambone piece
4:50 Jaw harp technique
6:38 SlapJazz introduces a one-of-a-kind Italian-made jaw harp
8:25 SlapJazz improvises a jaw harp piece

What kind of bridges can you create between the musicianship of SlapJazz and your own practice or work?

I’ve got a couple to start:
You don’t even need instruments to make music.
The jaw harp is an inexpensive, easy instrument that you could take around with you in your pocket. (I might have one in my car, in fact. It’s great entertainment for red lights.)

Got any more?

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