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The Magical Wonder of Sophie’s Place

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You need to check out my HuffPo article to enjoy ALL the images of the magic and wonder of Sophie’s Place. I flew up to Sacramento a couple weeks ago to meet colleagues and take a tour of the space. The place is a kid’s dream come true.

“Sophie’s Place includes a common area for groups, a high-tech recording room, a private session room, and a large storage space for the generously donated instruments. There is space for children to write and record their own music, a place to be loud and create connections with others, and a place encouraging expression, creativity and most of all….healing…”

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Ever experience career shaming? This helps!

I recently wrote an article over at about The View, the #NursesUnite movement, and how career shaming isn’t anything new.

Kat Fulton, expert

In case you missed it, the incredible #NursesUnite movement has effectively served to advocate and educate the public about the nursing profession. I am so proud of my nurse friends! Because our team works in the healthcare industry, I see their hard work. I see their tough moments and rewarding moments. I hear their stories. I’ve even supported nurses as a facilitator of dozens of retreats. I admire nurses to my very core, and I so appreciate what they do for our patients and clients.

The movement and the way The View spoke about Miss Colorado (the Miss America contestant who was a nurse) reminded me of all the times that media got my profession all wrong. I also remembered the times that colleagues in related fields, old acquaintances, former professors, and even old boyfriends got my profession all wrong.

As a music therapist, I entered a minority field. It’s understandable that your average Joe doesn’t quite get it. It’s ok. It’s to be expected. But the constant advocacy, education, and correcting of others can be exhausting!

I first learned of the term “minority field” listening to the brilliant Ami Kunimura on our Mindstorm Monday series. You can grab the recording for $7. Look for “Treat Yourself with Kindness.

She mentioned that working in a minority field creates all sorts of opportunities for burnout. I had never thought of it that way, because I’m a born rebel. It’s my M.O. to go against the grain and “stick it to the man.” I seek out opportunities to be different or unique, and I’m proud of it.

But playing the rebel can be exhausting.

In my article at, I show before and after images of my attitude. This subtle attitude adjustment has helped me recently become rejuvenated and feel more alive in my work than ever before. Some of this attitude adjustment came after a jaunt through the mountains for a personal retreat, then a visit to Malibu Lake.

Here’s the before image:
A successful woman is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her. ~ adapted from David Brinkley

Here’s the after image:
A woman who walks in purpose doesn't have to chase people or opportunities. Her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her. ~ Anne Nwakama

Have you faced battles in your life or career? Have you experienced career shaming, mockery, or belittling? Let’s start talking about it.

Tell me about it in a comment below so that the community can shower you with support.

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100-year anniversary of the Christmas Truce

My husband Matt loves history, and I love music, so here we are doing what we love! Sharing this beautiful story, and singing a song for you =) Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Here’s a copy of the poem:

A Carol from Flanders
by Frederick Niven (1878-1944)

In Flanders on the Christmas morn
The trenched foemen lay,
the German and the Briton born,
And it was Christmas Day.

The red sun rose on fields accurst,
The gray fog fled away;
But neither cared to fire the first,
For it was Christmas Day!

They called from each to each across
The hideous disarray,
For terrible has been their loss:
“Oh, this is Christmas Day!”

Their rifles all they set aside,
One impulse to obey;
‘Twas just the men on either side,
Just men — and Christmas Day.

They dug the graves for all their dead
And over them did pray:
And Englishmen and Germans said:
“How strange a Christmas Day!”

Between the trenches then they met,
Shook hands, and e’en did play
At games on which their hearts were set
On happy Christmas Day.

Not all the emperors and kings,
Financiers and they
Who rule us could prevent these things —
For it was Christmas Day.

Oh ye who read this truthful rime
From Flanders, kneel and say:
God speed the time when every day
Shall be as Christmas Day.

Don’t forget, to kick off 2015, I’m doing a live webinar for therapy business owners in a couple weeks. I hope you can join me! This will be great opportunity for us to hang out, throw ideas around. You can ask me questions, and we can have a great time together celebrating the new year.

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Was blind, but now I see – A True Miracle!

If you’re a music therapist, the you know the song TOO WELL!!! Amazing Grace. It’s only the most popular, most requested, most touching song for many of our clients. In this case, it actually came true for my Aunt Fran – “…was blind, but now I see!”

5 people in my family have a condition called retinitis pigmentosa. You learn about your diagnosis between ages 18 and 22 because you can no longer see stars. You become “night-blind.” Then peripheral vision starts closing in, and you get blind spots.

So, if you have a little kid running around the house, it’s easy to step on him! Or … going to late-night bars, concerts, and dinners turns into more of an auditory, bumper-car experience. You have to hang on to people’s elbows to know when you’re coming close to stairs.

It certainly has an effect on activities of daily living.

Here’s the great news:

My Aunt Fran has been visually impaired for 40 years, completely blind for the past 10… She recently went through a new experimental procedure, and now she can see. Check the video – It’s INCREDIBLE!

We’d love to get the word out, so please share this with your friends. Also, please donate to the Foundation Fighting Blindness to support research efforts like the one for Aunt Fran!

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8 Great Marketing Books + True Kat Confessions

In 2003 – 2004, I went through a really difficult time. I was in south France teaching at an English immersion camp called American Village. Best. Job. Ever. During one of our off-weekends, a friend and I visited Nice. That’s when I put my bag (mon sac) on the ground at the train station, and it all started rolling out…

(Life hasn’t always been full of fun corporate drumming like it was last Friday! Thanks Jessie Johnson for this pic!)
Corporate Team Building, San Diego

Money and Security Problems

Someone stole my bag in France. They did it so well, that I didn’t even notice right away. It was bizarre. They were true professionals. Many sentimental items were stolen, including a spontaneous poem that a romantic Italian wrote about us while we were visiting the Vatican. But other items included: our train tickets to the next stop, all of my cash, my drivers license, my passport, my credit cards, all of my toiletries, my journal, and there were some more but I can’t remember.

Imagine being in France with ZERO passport, credit cards, identification, cash. Fortunately my friend Sauce (camp name) was with me, lent me some cash, and sent me off to Marseilles to get an emergency passport.

Health Problems

That was only the beginning. That day became the first day of my 28-day long stress-induced period which caused me to black out and stay bed ridden, in France, at camp, for 3 days.

Romantic Problems

Then my boyfriend came to tour Switzerland with me. We broke up on the trip. This wasn’t just *any* boyfriend. This was love-of-my-life, write-me-love-poems, look-into-my-soul-with-your-eyes boyfriend. We traveled solo after hugging in the cobble-stone streets of some small Swiss town at 11PM for 2 hours straight, not letting go for the entire 2-hour duration.

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