…to the other side ♪♫ Break on through to the other side~

Here I am this morning, drinking a little latte from Peet’s Coffee (my favorite), realizing how much I miss blogging. I have been quite busy, even though the blog doesn’t show it.

Let’s just say, I have a lot of items in the incubator right now. Here’s a sneak preview:

Coffee cup

1. Several Rhythm Renegades interviews in queue to edit and publish.

2. Two boomwhacker videos in development.

3. Graduation from an 8-week online course in business.

4. A new product I’m crafting for launch in the next two months. And this is really a monster project! The layers and layers and layers of required preparations are just unreal.

I just returned from Camp Kesem with a voice that needs some rest. How could I stop myself from screaming out those camp songs after each meal? Camp went GREAT! There was one group of 12-13 year olds who really rocked it OUT with the boomwhackers playing Firework.

So, now I’ve got some catching up to do with all the above items. Oh, and… Did I mention that I run a full-time music therapy business in San Diego? 😉 Among the additional items on my catch up list include invoicing, marketing, scheduling, and direct service. Then at some point I need to make time to change my car oil, do laundry, eat, exercise, buy my nephew a birthday present, and see my friends and boyfriend.

Fortunately John Denver and Nick Drake are keeping me sane, calm, and centered through it all.

And of course, Peet’s caramel lattes are helping me stay calm in the mornings. I’d say blogging has been therapeutic for me today. Thank you~

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